Beth Darlington SF12 E19

Australian paranormal researcher and educator Beth Darlington was this week’s guest.

Beth has been traveling halfway around the world to attend the Scarefest for about four years straight. Her vibrant personality and fascination with our Kentucky culture has made her one of our most popular “fans” and many of us look forward to her appearance every year.

Beth operates “down under” as Access Paranormal where she offers tutorials and advice to her fellow paranormal investigators.


Michelle Wagner SF12 E17B

The second hour of tonight’s two part episode we welcomed Michelle Duell Wagner.

Michelle is an empath and psychic medium that goes by the title “The Saratoga Spiritualist.”

Her gift allows her to read auras and chakras , clairvoyance in more than one form, psychic which includes intuition of the past, present, and future, and mediumship that allows her to connect to your passed loved ones, friends and also even pets.

Wes and co-host Chad Harlan try to cover as much of her experiences and abilities as possible during this episode including her childhood as a gifted individual and her more recent experiences in the field.

Kyl Cobb SF 12 E17A

Our first hour of this week’s two part episode features Kyl Cobb with our new co-host Chad Harlan.

Kyl is a historian, demonologist, ghosthunter and regular presenter at The Scarefest with upwards of 30 plus seminars in his portfolio.

The discussion moved between use of the ghost box, demon possession or at least our obsession with it, Kyl’s recent paranormal experiences, The Bell Witch, Ouija boards (a.k.a. The Parlor Game from Hell), and of course paranormal theory (which Wes set Kyl straight on).

Deborah Voorhees SF12 E16

On this episode Wes and co-host Jason Boyd talk to Deborah Voorhees. Of course horror fans remember her as Tina in the 1985 movie Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. But in this episode we learn that she has has lived a colorful life as a journalist, filmmaker, writer, editor, teacher, and even a  Playboy Bunny. Continue reading “Deborah Voorhees SF12 E16”

Scarefest Radio Annual Holiday Train Wreck SF12 E15

Why do they do this every year? For the fun of it! This year host Wes Forsythe is joined by his revolving co-hosts Brandon Griffith, Coyote Chris Sutton, Holly LaFavers, and Billy Crank’s forehead for a night of nonsense.

The production values are low but the holiday fueled mirth is high as they discuss everything from horror movies to cosplay to possible future Scarefest projects. No joke is too bad and nothing is sacred in this annual attempt to alienate as many of our fans as possible in one night.

You won’t hear this episode on any of our audio channels! It’s that bad, and we would never do that to our radio affiliates.


David Howard Thornton SF12 E14

This episode Wes and co-host Jason Boyd welcome Scarefest 2019 featured celebrity David Howard Thornton to the show. Most of the show is naturally dedicated to David’s breakout roll in 2016’s Terrifier as Art The Clown.

They cover his history from his youth in Alabama and church theater to his recent projects including playing The Joker on the web series Nightwing Escalation.

Slinking around in clown shoes? A voice over artist without a speaking line? The infamous hacksaw scene? Oreo cookies? It’s all covered here.

Alex Vincent SF12 E13

In this weeks episode, Wes and co-host Brandon Griffith talk to Alex Vincent, who plays Andy from the Child’s Play franchise.

Alex talks about his experiences as a child star and why he stepped away from acting for over 20 years. Alex takes us into his life now as a musical engineer and talks about his true passion for music. With talks about a possible Child’s Play reboot and TV show, we also hear his thoughts on returning to the screen.

Wes and co-host Brandon also discuss why Brandon is afraid of parrots and why Wes should never comment on his wife’s pants. You won’t want to miss it!


Chad Harlan SF12 E12

In this week’s episode, Wes, fresh off of a Louisville Supercon visit, and co-host Chris Sutton talk to Chad Harlan, a self-professed anomaly within the paranormal enthusiasts circle. Chad brings an uncommon element to the table, he happens to be a fraud investigator.
Chad discusses how growing up listening to his grandmas story of “haints” as a child piqued his interest in the paranormal and how he now applies his analytical job skills as a fraud investigator to the world of the paranormal. He shares a few of his guidelines on how to go about layering your evidence as proof of the paranormal, his viewpoints on EVPs, and the absolute importance of protecting your meta data when gathering evidence. He also has valuable insight into the impact of paranormal shows on the paranormal community and the state of advances in the investigative field.
Wes also discusses he possibility of cosplay at this year’s Scarefest. Yes, the cosplay could be a big thing….stayed tuned for more details.

On Location at Louisville Supercon SF12 E11

On tonight’s episode Wes comes to us live from the Louisville Supercon, a three day celebration of all things geek. Joining him is pop-culture co-host Holly LaFavers, who may just be the younger female version of Wes from a parallel dimension. Even though the crew faced some questionable internet and some tremendously long walks to get to the booth, they were more than happy with the friendly crowds and abundance of accessible drink options.
During the course of the episode we learned a little about Holly. She is a licensed therapist, has been to every Scarefest since day one, is a wrestling fanatic, and is huge fan of Kentucky native John Carpenter. Holly is a well traveled convention goer, typically visiting 4-6 per year locally, and admits that she is a bit of a skeptic of the paranormal. Viewing through the perspective of a therapist, Holly sees how the paranormal could be strongly connected to mental health and psychology. She also gives us her thoughts on EVP phenomenon and the differences between a spiritual experience and a paranormal experience.
During their time Wes and Holly are visited by Billy Crank, co-host and Ernest P. Worrell impersonator (or is he?). Billy chats briefly about his Ernest character as a way of life and the joy it brings people. Know what I mean? Closing the show, we have a visit by Jake who lets us know that the Supercon was good because he wasn’t leaving angry.
The show will take a more direct focus on horror topics in future episodes as the paranormal topics will be moving to a second segment of the broadcast and a few questions are brought up in regard to the show. What do fans want to hear on Scarefest Radio? How does Wes go about getting more fan interaction? And…what exactly was stuck in Wes’ headphones at the start of the show? Inquiring minds want to know.

Scott Porter SF12 E10

In this weeks post Thanksgiving episode, Wes solo hosts with guest Scott Porter, paranormal investigator with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers.

Scott talks about the Wraith Chasers upcoming live ghost hunt and some of his favorite experiences while filming season 1 of Haunted Live. Scott is an open book and he and Wes talk about everything from farm life (they are both farmers, who knew?), his fitness journey and how he spent his Thanksgiving holiday. To say this was a very diverse interview, would be an understatement.

So, if you’ve ever pondered life’s biggest mysteries like, ham or turkey and is it called deviled or dressed eggs, then you won’t want to miss thiS.