Patti Starr & Midas Cove SF 2022 E27

This week, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Patti Starr, paranormal investigator and original co-founder of Scarefest, Ben Hicks, and Brian Pitts to the show. Ben and Brian are the writer and director, respectively, of the upcoming horror/thriller series Midas Cove.

The gang discuss the inspirations behind Midas Cove, a tale of a grieving widower on the path to revenge that is set in rural Kentucky. Along the way we get a peek at the cast, talk about how the shooting locations were chosen, what outlets they would like to use for distribution, and the biggest challenges they faced making the series.

And a night wouldn’t be complete without a little Joe Lewis. This week, Joe offers his insight on the Netflix vampire hunter movie DAY SHIFT, starring Jamie Fox and Snoop Dogg.


One Week Away and Film Festival Preview SF2021 E34

Films, films and films! This week on Scarefest TV, Wes is flying solo and talking about all things, you guessed it, films! We are one week away from Scarefest 2021 and one of our best features is our film festival and this year we have some seriously amazing talent.

Do you like comedy horror? We got it. How about psychological horror/thrillers? We got it. But if the classic thrasher horror film is your favorite, you’re out of luck. Just kidding, we’ve got that too! We even have something for the documentary loving horror fan! Just sit down, relax and listen to Wes talk about all the amazing talent in this year’s films and watch the trailers of all our feature films.

Even if kickass independent films aren’t your thing, still tune in to hear Wes tell a few bad jokes and discuss all the goodness coming to Scarefest 2021 and Joe Lewis brings us a treat this week with his review of kid friendly horror. You won’t want to miss this one.

Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association SF2021 E30

Props, costumes, and film relics are the topics of this week’s show as Wes hosts James Azrael and Craig Champion of the Horror and SciFi Prop Preservation Association (HSPPA for short). The HSPPA is a not-for-profit museum containing a vast collection of screen-used and production made props that spans about every genre of the film industry

Wes, James, and Craig discuss how this incredible collection began, the technical aspects of transporting these treasured pieces, how they select content for each show, and what can be handled and what can’t. We also get a sneak peek at some amazing props from ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD, PUPPET MASTER, and other well-known films and shows.

In our regular features we get another round of announcements and cancellations as well as Joe Lewis’ analysis of the new Amazon Prime anthology series THEM.

Tiffany Shepis SF2021 E22

This week Wes and CC Ann host Scream Queen extraordinaire Tiffany Shepis, who may or may not have a score to settle with Wes.

The gang tackle all manner of topics including Shepis’ feelings on movie nudity, the movie she made with her husband during quarantine, her work on the CASUALTY FRIDAY podcast, and how much she loves doing conventions.

Plus, does a murder investigation/possession story work well together? We’ll find out as Joe Lewis shares his thoughts on the latest CONJURING movie, THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT.

Scott Tepperman SF 2021 E21

Wes goes solo tonight as he welcomes actor, director, and former star of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL, Scott Tepperman.

Scott and Wes chat about Scott’s time with GHI, where his interest within the paranormal realm truly stands, his acting and filmmaking career, and the virtues of VHS. Spoiler alert: a premature internet disconnection leaves us with a few unanswered questions. Thanks ZOOM.

Stick around to check out Joe Lewis’ passionate review of the 2013 reboot of EVIL DEAD.

Jennifer Banko 2021 E11

This week Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome the spunky Jennifer Banko. Banko has made numerous appearances in movies and on TV but is best known for her role in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 7: THE NEW BLOOD. Banko is also set to appear in the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH fan film, 13 FANBOY.

Banko discusses 13 FANBOY, how she got into acting, what it’s like to be a child actor, and the possibility of having real life stalker fans. She also speaks a little bit about her interest in tarot reading. It is an interesting evening, indeed.

All of this plus more celebrity announcements and Joe Lewis give us a review for a British ghost story anthology movie.

The Booth Brothers 2021 E6

This week Wes and co-host Billy Crank are joined by the remarkably multi talented Booth Brothers. The Booths bring a wide variety of skills to the show as directors, producers, actors, and musicians as well as being immense paranormal enthusiasts.

The Booths discuss their new documentary film THE ATTACHED, open up about their passion for the process of filmmaking and their inspirations, and weigh in on supernatural experiences they’ve had during the making of their films. There might even be a discussion about who they might have had fanboy reactions to at a prior Scarefest.

We also get a great retrospective on Clive Barker from Joe Lewis and Breaking the News gives us a peek at a WRONG TURN remake and tells us about Nicholas Cage’s kooky new horror movie.

Kristina Klebe SF13 E53

This week Wes is surrounded by the bewitching as he and co-host CC Ann welcome the delightful Kristina Klebe. Kristina is not only an actress, in such film as a Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN and SLAY BELLES, she has also stepped behind the camera as well as done voice work for games such as CALL OF DUTY and FRIDAY THE 13TH:THE GAME.

Kristina talks with Wes and CC about her experiences on some of her films, a bit of her production and directing work, what she’s done during the pandemic, and hand building her own voice over studio. True story!

Our regular features bring us a two pack of reviews from Joe Lewis, living nightmares and vampires from the Week in Horror, and the chilling tale behind Amityville’s many horrors from Dick Pinkerton.


Paul T Taylor SF13 E43

On the eve of the first ever Scarefest Cybercon, Wes and Brandon are joined by the ever friendly and charismatic Paul T. Taylor. Paul is best known in the horror community for playing the iconic roll of Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgement.

Paul has many projects he’s proud of and he talks to us about many of those including the largest role he’s played to date and the time he worked with Tony Todd. For more info on Paul’s work and upcoming projects, be sure to check out

With this being the eve of our first ever Cybercon, Wes and Brandon talk about the upcoming event and why it’s probably not a good idea to have it at the same time and location as the Miss Teen Kentucky pageant.