Chad and Chelsea Sheppard of Vette City Con SF2024 E8

Chad and Chelsea Sheppard of Vette City Con in Bowling Green, KY are giving away three passes to Vette City on this episode and discussing the horror convention. They share stories of past conventions, lessons learned, and what to expect at Vette City Con. They also mention guests like Jake The Snake, Paul Taylor, and Hannah Fierman, and emphasize the family-friendly and no-pressure atmosphere of the convention coming up March 2 and 3.

Beverly McChesney SF2023 E15

Tarot, spirit guides, and mysteries abound tonight as Wes and co-host Katie Followell welcome claircognizant extraordinaire Beverly McChesney to the show.

They discuss Beverly’s vast skill set, Wes’ tarot reading talents, and the mystery of Mama Ruby. Beverly also gives a rundown on the Fool Moon Sisters Bizarre Bazaar, providing information on vendors and all of the wonders to expect from this upcoming event. There might even be some celebrity announcements.

Stick around for Joe Lewis’ ferociously honest insights into JEEPER CREEPERS REBORN. It just might save your life.


The Council (Almost) SF 2023 E2

Grab your hockey mask because it’s a Friday the 13th edition of the show. The stars are aligned as we witness yet another meeting of the mysterious Council. Well, ALMOST. Hey, two out of three isn’t bad, right?

Wes and Adrienne hit the ground running with no script and no filter as they discuss a new edition of the trading card scavenger hunt, ideas for extracurricular Scarefest events, pricing changes, and hotel talk. A fair amount of hotel talk. Plus, where else will you hear the term curmudgeon in everyday conversation? Right here, of course.

Also, we get a viewing of the first of the new Best of Scarefest short video segments and Joe Lewis pipes in with his review of the 2022 vampire film THE INVITATION.


Let’s Review the Schedule (with Co-Host John Kassir) SF 2022 E31

Episodes don’t get much more exciting than this! Tonight, Wes welcomes an extra special co-host, the one and only John Kassir, best known as the voice of the legendary Crypt Keeper. If that’s not enough, Wes isn’t even wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Inconceivable!

Wes and John not only chat about all of the great events happening at Scarefest, but they also discuss John’s extremely prolific voice acting career, the time he wore a muscle body suit, and Lexington’s annual Thriller parade. Any kid of the 90’s could sit and listen to that familiar voice all night long.

Lastly, make sure to give extra special thanks to Joe Lewis for this week’s movie review. Joe really took a bullet for his fans and watched the recent vampire superhero film MORBIUS. He’ll never be the same again.


Film Festival Preview SF 2022 E30

Grab the popcorn and some Milk Duds because this week Wes shares a heaping sneak preview of this year’s entries in the Scarefest Film Festival as well as offering a big tip of the hat to Meredith Blackwell for her many hours of dedicated previewing time. Trust us, this is a whopper of a show.

Wes covers a lot of ground, from films based on real urban legends to paranormal investigation and from 80’s retro vibe to foreign films. You can’t go wrong with such enticing titles as: HELL VAN, FALL OF CAMP BLOOD, SPAGHETTI FACE, and INHUMANO. Some are shorter than your average theatrical trailer but pack a lot of punch in that brief run time. Do you want to see trailers? There are loads of trailers. Enough said?

Plus, let’s not forget about Joe Lewis. This week he reviews ORPHAN: FIRST KILL, the prequel to 2009’s creepy psychological film ORPHAN.


The Council SF 2022 E29

The moon is right, and the stars tell us it’s time for another meeting of the minds. That’s right, tonight the warped and twisted minds of the Council have come together to bring us new information on the latest happenings in the Scarefest world.

Even though the mighty Council may still have a tad bit of PTSD due to a certain country singer, they have so much to share. There is an announcement of a cool bourbon event, more news about the Scream Queen bowling, and details about a sinister scavenger hunt. Plus, we get a little Nicole Griffith and learn that there is a connection between bourbon and bungholes.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis brings us a nostalgia filled review of the recent 3D conversion of the 1975 film classic JAWS.


Speaker Announcements Round 2 SF 2022 E26

We’re back for Round 2, baby! This week Wes and co-host Claire Heaney lay out another round of speaker announcements. Did you think they’d get all of these done in just one show?

Tonight’s announcements bring more familiar faces, like Beverly McChesney and production-designer Mick Strawn, as well as more new faces. Topics include a talk on soul retrieval, zombie makeup tips, and a dive into demonology. Plus, when the announcements are complete, we get a few handy tips on running a horror convention.

Stick around for Joe Lewis’s review of the new Predator movie, PREY. Fun fact: Mick Strawn has never seen the original PREDATOR.


Speaker Announcements Round 1 SF 2022 E25

This week Wes and co-host Claire Heaney dip into the first round of speaker announcements for Scarefest 14 and it is a heaping plate full of information, so we hope you’re hungry. Just try to ignore the few little audio gremlins that snuck in tonight.

The guest list is mighty impressive, with many folks that have visited in the past, such as Allen Marston and Stephanie Bingham, but there are new faces too. Just a sample of the topics include a look into the history of the Men in Black (not the movie), cryptid attacks, and serial killer psychology. There might even be a makeup tutorial mentioned. Tune in to find out more.

As always, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Joe Lewis. This week he reviews Jordan Peele’s latest film NOPE. Is it good? We can’t say. That would be a spoiler.


The Council SF 2022 E24

That’s right, the stars have aligned, which means that the mysterious Council is here again to discuss the greater mysteries of Scarefest 14. Hint, hint…this is a fancy way to say that Brandon, Adrienne, and Wes are present on this fine evening to bestow their immense wisdom.

Wes kicks off the fun with a fantastic bear story and things only get better from there as the Council recounts their journey to the Smokey Mountain Fan Fest. The trio are working hard to iron out the final details on entertainment events so stay tuned to find out more details on events like the Scream Queen bowling.

Plus, stick around for a couple of big celebrity announcements and check out Joe Lewis’ review of THE BLACK PHONE, based on a story by Joe Hill. It may just be Joe’s most animated review yet.

Ty Shute & Smoky Mountain Fan Fest SF2022 E21

This week Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Ty Shute, organizer of the. The Smokey Mountain Fan Fest is huge convention that covers the length and breadth of fandom, from science fiction to anime to horror, that is hosted in our neighboring state of Tennessee.

Ty spills the beans on Smokey Mountain Fan Fest’s humble beginnings, how he became interested in the convention circuit, and the future of the Fan Fest. The gang also share a rundown of the Fan Fest lineup and have a nostalgic discussion about the exciting resort town of Gatlinburg.

In our regular feature, we get a little déjà vu as Joe Lewis shares his wise words of wisdom about M.  Night Shyamalan’s latest film OLD.  Yep, it’s a repeat but might be worth revisiting.