Let’s Review the Schedule (with Co-Host John Kassir) SF 2022 E31

Episodes don’t get much more exciting than this! Tonight, Wes welcomes an extra special co-host, the one and only John Kassir, best known as the voice of the legendary Crypt Keeper. If that’s not enough, Wes isn’t even wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Inconceivable!

Wes and John not only chat about all of the great events happening at Scarefest, but they also discuss John’s extremely prolific voice acting career, the time he wore a muscle body suit, and Lexington’s annual Thriller parade. Any kid of the 90’s could sit and listen to that familiar voice all night long.

Lastly, make sure to give extra special thanks to Joe Lewis for this week’s movie review. Joe really took a bullet for his fans and watched the recent vampire superhero film MORBIUS. He’ll never be the same again.