Youtube has disabled (once again) our ability to Livestream to our page. We should have it fixed soon. Meanwhile our live viewing options are listed below.

Our show goes out via Facebook Live on The Scarefest convention page. This feed is also probably the best to interact with horror fans via the live chat. Naturally this is also the best place to keep up with current Scarefest news.

Host Wes Forsythe also simulcasts the live feed to his own Facebook profile page. Many of Wes’ friends and fans choose this feed to chat with each other. By the way: If you like slightly irreverent memes you will love Wes’ Facebook timeline.

Another feed goes to our Scarefest Fan Group on Facebook. Basically we are just trying trying to not be missed while you are looking at memes.

Our Twitter video feed is BACK! We broadcast to the Scarefest Twitter page and are able to monitor your Twitter comments during the show (although we usually can’t reply). If Twitter is your social media outlet of choice, we are there.

Our primary video feed goes live to our Youtube archive page. It’s a great feed to watch via full screen on either your Television or computer screen. You may leave comments there, but we do not monitor the chat during the live show. You will also find our complete archive (currently lacking descriptions because we don’t have the time). Be sure to subscribe so that you will be notified whenever we go live or upload a new archive or video.