The Council SF 2022 E32

Tonight’s show is the last meeting of the great and mighty Council before Scarefest and it’s a jammed packed show for sure as Adrienne, Brandon, and Wes delve deep into the final behind-the-curtain peek before the actual convention kicks off.

And the Council pulls no punches (nor skip the opportunity to crack a few jokes) as they share a discussion of 3D movies, lay out details about the film festival, showcase a nifty raffle announcement, and turn the spotlight on all of the other incredible events happening at Scarefest. This episode is so crammed packed with content, they even had to forego commercials.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis gives us a fun filled retro review of the 1978 classic PIRANHA and its equally entertaining follow up films PIRANHA 3D and PIRANHA 3DD. Oh look, more talk about 3D movies!