Scream Queen Linnea Quigley SF2024 E14

The interview features Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (with a delayed appearance in the second half of the show) discussing 80s music, horror movie remakes, strong female characters, and her career in film. She shares anecdotes, experiences, and opinions on various topics, including movie trailers, VCRs, and animal safety in films. Quigley reflects on her past projects and upcoming appearances at conventions.

Steve Gonsalves of Ghost Hunters SF2024 E10

Steve Gonsalves of Ghost Hunters is interviewed on Scarefest TV, discussing his interest in the paranormal, experiences with haunted locations, favorite equipment, and collaborations with Broadway shows. He also shares his favorite Disney movies, music preferences, and tattoos. The interview covers a wide range of topics related to the paranormal and personal interests.


The Council for March SF2024 E9

The council is back discussing various topics related to the Scarefest horror and paranormal convention. It includes announcements of celebrity appearances, ticket giveaways, discussions about tattoo artists, and plans for future events. The hosts also engage in banter and interact with the audience, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.


Chad and Chelsea Sheppard of Vette City Con SF2024 E8

Chad and Chelsea Sheppard of Vette City Con in Bowling Green, KY are giving away three passes to Vette City on this episode and discussing the horror convention. They share stories of past conventions, lessons learned, and what to expect at Vette City Con. They also mention guests like Jake The Snake, Paul Taylor, and Hannah Fierman, and emphasize the family-friendly and no-pressure atmosphere of the convention coming up March 2 and 3.

Hannah Fierman of VHS SF2024 E7

Hannah Fierman discusses her work in the indie film circuit, including her role in the movie “VHS.” She talks about her experiences in acting, directing, and writing, as well as her upcoming projects. Wes discusses upcoming conventions and ticket giveaways. The conversation covers various topics related to the horror genre and the entertainment industry.


Paula Kelly Ghostly Tales of McCracken County SF2024 E6

A discussion with Paula Kelly about her book “Ghostly Tales of McCracken County.” Paula talks about her inspiration for the book, her research process, and the haunted locations she has investigated. She also discusses her plans for future books and potential investigations at haunted hotels. The episode also includes segments on horror movie reviews and trivia contests.


The Council for February SF2024 E5

With Brandon out for sickness, Adrienne and Wes discuss various topics and interact with the audience. They also mention upcoming events such as Vette City Con and Frankencon and promotions such as the new video contest for horror and paranormal fans. The hosts also address some questions and concerns from the audience such as how line skips work. Overall, the show is a mix of entertainment, information, and audience engagement.