The Council for March SF2024 E9

The council is back discussing various topics related to the Scarefest horror and paranormal convention. It includes announcements of celebrity appearances, ticket giveaways, discussions about tattoo artists, and plans for future events. The hosts also engage in banter and interact with the audience, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.


The Council for February SF2024 E5

With Brandon out for sickness, Adrienne and Wes discuss various topics and interact with the audience. They also mention upcoming events such as Vette City Con and Frankencon and promotions such as the new video contest for horror and paranormal fans. The hosts also address some questions and concerns from the audience such as how line skips work. Overall, the show is a mix of entertainment, information, and audience engagement.


John Edwards with our 2023 Weirdness in Review SF2024 E1

The New Year is here, and we know what that means. It’s time for our annual visit from John and Stacey Edwards to hear what’s happening in the world of the paranormal and the strange. Sadly, Stacey couldn’t join tonight.

Wes and John tackle some chilling and thrilling topics like eight-foot-tall aliens in Miami, face eaters in Peru, children miraculously surviving forty days in the jungle, and cursed paintings. Plus, Wes has his first live Instragram feed and we get a pretty big celebrity announcement.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis fires off a review of THE NUN2. Beware, Joe’s wisdom is habit forming.


The Scarefest TV Annual Holiday Party SF2023 E47

The Scarefest TV Annual Holiday Party features discussions about New Year’s resolutions, Wes’s Patreon project, and upcoming events. The mildly intoxicated hosts of the show share their personal goals and experiences, including organizing a ghost hunt at the convention. They express gratitude to fans and announce the end of the season, looking forward to the upcoming year.


Annual Post Mortem Episode SF2023 E41

The Council discusses the post-mortem of Scarefest 15, highlighting issues such as high blood pressure scares, lost tickets, and frustration with line management. It also addresses plans for accommodating more celebrity guests, improving event logistics, and the importance of consolidating celebrity guest requests for easy review. The speaker emphasizes the need for continuous improvement and feedback in event planning.


Q&A Episode SF2023 40

This week Scarefest TV hosts a Q&A episode discussing primary parking spots, wheelchair accessibility, entry points, and re-entry processes for an upcoming event. It also covers shuttle schedules, pricing for autographs and photo ops, event layout, and logistics. The team shares their experience and provides event updates, including appearances by celebrities and special giveaways at the VIP party.


The Council SF2023 E39

The Council covers a variety of topics related to the upcoming event, including parking options, ticket pickup details, food vendors, and special announcements. It also provides information about Uber and Lyft services in the area, as well as guidelines for attendees regarding autographs, photos, and VIP parties. Additionally, it includes a movie review and details about the film festival at the event.


Special Scarefest 2023 FAQ Episode SF2023 E37

Wes and Adrienne cover security measures, celebrity appearances, photo ops, food and bar arrangements, volunteer applications, and parking costs for Scarefest 2023. They also discuss panel topics, photo op scheduling, and celebrity announcements. They emphasize the importance of purchasing photo ops in advance and provide details on VIP seating, photography restrictions, and event logistics.


The Council SF2023 E33

A discussion about various topics related to Scarefest. It covers details about the event, including ticket sales, celebrity appearances, and other activities. Also included are a movie review and answers to questions from the audience. The event organizers emphasize the importance of audience participation and provide information about the event’s website and schedule.


2023 Seminar Series SF2023 E30

Discussing the 2023 Scarefest Weekend Seminar Series featuring various speakers and topics related to paranormal investigations, horror films, and other supernatural phenomena. The video also includes a movie review of “Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai” and announcements for upcoming events and Scarefest guests. The hosts engage in casual conversation and provide information about the schedule and logistics of the event.