Scream Queen Linnea Quigley SF2024 E14

The interview features Scream Queen Linnea Quigley (with a delayed appearance in the second half of the show) discussing 80s music, horror movie remakes, strong female characters, and her career in film. She shares anecdotes, experiences, and opinions on various topics, including movie trailers, VCRs, and animal safety in films. Quigley reflects on her past projects and upcoming appearances at conventions.

Steve Gonsalves of Ghost Hunters SF2024 E10

Steve Gonsalves of Ghost Hunters is interviewed on Scarefest TV, discussing his interest in the paranormal, experiences with haunted locations, favorite equipment, and collaborations with Broadway shows. He also shares his favorite Disney movies, music preferences, and tattoos. The interview covers a wide range of topics related to the paranormal and personal interests.


Hannah Fierman of VHS SF2024 E7

Hannah Fierman discusses her work in the indie film circuit, including her role in the movie “VHS.” She talks about her experiences in acting, directing, and writing, as well as her upcoming projects. Wes discusses upcoming conventions and ticket giveaways. The conversation covers various topics related to the horror genre and the entertainment industry.


Brande Roderick Director and Star of Wineville SF2023 E46

Brande Roderick, the director and star of the film “Wineville,” discusses her experience and insights about the movie in a lively and engaging interview. She also shares her favorite horror movies and her plans for the distribution of “Wineville.” The upcoming holiday party episode of Scarefest TV is also mentioned, where co-hosts will be celebrating the holidays on air.


The Booth Brothers Never Blink SF2023 E42

The Booth Brothers discuss the challenges of quality control and oversaturation on streaming platforms for filmmakers, emphasizing the importance of unique concepts and timely marketing strategies. They also explore the impact of AI on filmmaking, the enjoyment of watching horror movies with others, and the significance of understanding the market and business aspects of filmmaking. Their goal is to inspire and influence people through storytelling, music, and filmmaking.


Jarlath Conroy Day of the Dead SF2023 E38

This week Jarlath Conroy discusses his experiences with horror conventions and fan encounters. He also shares some personal stories about his career in theater and film. The episode also includes announcements for upcoming events and a movie review. Additionally, Jarlath Conroy’s birthday is mentioned, and he talks about his plans for celebrating.