Cailee Holmes 2021 E14

Tonight Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Cailee Holmes, culinary expert and resident of Salem, Massachusetts, to the show. Cailee is looking to take her love of horror to new heights by opening a horror themed restaurant called THE CRYPT.

Cailee discusses her restaurant industry background, what to expect on the menu when THE CRYPT opens, and the process of financing THE CRYPT’s startup. There is even some talk about Cailee’s paranormal experiences in Salem. Crowd funding information can be found at CAILS FROM THE CRYPT on Facebook or Instagram.

Also, make sure not to miss part two of Joe Lewis’s review of the recent remake of Stephen King’s THE STAND.

Tonya Webb of Old Hospital on College Hill 2021 E5

Tonight Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Tonya Webb, co-owner of the Old Hospital on College Hill, a paranormal hotspot in Williamson, West Virginia. To celebrate the show, Wes even cut his hair!

Tonya discusses what led here to buy into the hospital, the paranormal experiences at the Old Hospital, the Hospital’s appearance on DESTINATION FEAR, and gives us a sneak peek into her topic as a speaker this year at Scarefest 13. Learn more at

We also get a cool celebrity announcement, Joe Lewis fills us in on a Night Stalker documentary, Dick Pinkerton recounts the execution of an infamous serial killer, and we might just learn if there is such a thing as a White Castle fetish.