Paula Kelly Ghostly Tales of McCracken County SF2024 E6

A discussion with Paula Kelly about her book “Ghostly Tales of McCracken County.” Paula talks about her inspiration for the book, her research process, and the haunted locations she has investigated. She also discusses her plans for future books and potential investigations at haunted hotels. The episode also includes segments on horror movie reviews and trivia contests.


Holler Monsters of Kentucky with Mark Muncy and Erika Lance SF2024 E3


Mark Muncy and Erica Lance discuss various cryptids and folklore from Kentucky, including holler monsters, UFO sightings, and legends of little people and river monsters. They also mention upcoming appearances at events such as the Loveland Frogman Festival and Megacon. Their books, Eerie Florida and Eerie Appalachia, are available at various retailers.


Three Appalachian Witches and Appalachian Granny Witch Magick SF2024 E2

Appalachian witchcraft and folk magic, different types of witches, Lilith’s significance, psychic abilities, the Salem Witch Trials, misconceptions about witches, and the promotion of their podcast and upcoming book release. It also includes a movie review of ‘What Keeps You Alive’ and a discussion on deities and personal connections to them.


Zach Bales with The Enduring Mystery of UFOs SF2023 E44

Zach Bales discusses the enduring mystery of UFOs and shares his recent journey to Nevada’s extraterrestrial Highway. He also talks about a famous UFO abduction case in Kentucky and the prevalence of UFO sightings in the state. The video also includes a review of the movie “Five Nights at Freddy’s” from Bonehead Weekly and a discussion about UFO activity in other countries.


The Spiritualist Movement PLUS Vampires with Stephanie Bingham SF2023 E43

Stephanie Bingham, a historian and psychic medium, discusses the Spiritualist Movement and vampires. She explains the historical and modern aspects of psychic vampires and the cultural impact of the Spiritualist Movement. The discussion also covers the potential dangers of psychic vampires and the influence of empathy on psychic abilities. Stephanie also shares her experiences with ghost hunting and provides tips for clearing negative energy from a space.


Zach Bales In Search of the Wildman SF 2023 E3

Are you ready to hit the blacktop? This week Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Zach Bales, the Paranormal Roadtripper. Zach gave his first seminar at the 2022 Scarefest called IN SEARCH OF THE WILDMAN and he’s here to impart his cryptozoology knowledge to the SF crew.

Zach shares the story of his investigation of a Bigfoot-like creature called the Green River Monster, as well as tales of his other local investigations. We learn there are lots of cryptids in Kentucky (looking at you Dogmen). We also hear about the Bluegrass Triangle and the Paranormal Roadtrippers Nightmare Gallery in Somerset, KY.

In our regular features, we get a big celebrity announcement and Joe Lewis takes a bite out of the culinary horror thriller THE MENU starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy


William Amyerich & Christina Kieffer SF 2022 E40

Thrills and chills abound as Wes welcomes William Amyerich and Christina Kieffer from ATL Radio X, where they host a series on films, the paranormal, and music. William and Christina bring an interesting topic to Scarefest, the mysterious Men in Black. And not a Will Smith in sight.

The night starts off discussing where these strange men dressed all in black are aliens or a government agency but quickly moves into a conversation about cryptids and more otherworldly topics ranging from Bigfoot to the Mothman to odd sightings in Hellier, Kentucky. Exactly how many alien species do we acknowledge? Be sure to check out William and Christina at ATL Radio X at ATLRADIOX.COM.

In our weekly feature, Joe Lewis turns back the hands of time to give us his review of the 2015 Christmas horror film KRAMPUS starring Adam Scott and Toni Collette.

Allen Marston SF 2022 E38

Wes and co-host Chad Harlan take a walk on the paranormal side tonight as they host paranormal investigator and researcher, Allen Marston. Allen presented at Scarefest 2022 speaking about the infamous St Albans Sanatorium.

Allen takes a deep dive into the Sanatorium’s history, how he found out about it., and what to expect when visiting as well as upcoming events. He also discusses his history with the paranormal and Chad Harlan gives a little insight on how Allen helped him get started on the speaking circuit. Fun fact: Allen was once the Director of the National Paranormal Society.

Make sure to stick around for Joe Lewis’s weekly review. This week he shares his thoughts on the Paramount Plus original movie SIGNIFICANT OTHER.

Stephanie Bingham SF 2022 E35

The cryptids are wild this week as Wes and Chad Harlan host medium and paranormal researcher Stephanie Bingham. Stephanie presented When Monsters Attack: Exploring the Strange History of Cryptids in Kentucky for our Scarefest convention goers and she has some wild stories to share.

Stephanie discusses a little bit of what she knows about cryptozoology, tells what drew her into the paranormal side of history, and shares her most surprising story. It’s a doozy. How can a show go wrong when your topics include the Pope Lick Monster and mermaids in the Ohio River valley, and asks the question of why there are so many stories tied to caves in Kentucky?

Plus, you’ll want to stick around for Joe Lewis’ insightful analysis of the 2022 remake of the horror classic HELLRAISER. Proceed with caution, this review just might tear your soul apart.