Phil Summers SF13 E6

Scarefest television this week brings you a fascinating perspective into ghost theory with self proclaimed ghost theorist Phil Summers. Cohost Chad Harlan joins Wes and Phil to discuss the scientific approach to ‘What is a ghost?’. Do we project what a ghost is? What happens when people die and see ‘the light’? Does the night sky provide proof of ghosts? Be sure to tune in for these answers and more.

We also bring you our new weekly segments such as The Week in Horror History, Mutagen Nation interviews, Joe Lewis with Bonehead weekly movie review, Glenn from Aussie movie reviews and Billy Crank asks ‘What are you scared of?’.

If none of that sounds appealing to you, we also have our weekly horror movie short. This week we feature the short film Dinner Date and it’s sure to serve up something for everyone so be sure to tune in!

CC Ann Our Newest Co host SF13 E3

Here it is true believers, not only is there a new co-host but the Scarefest sausage party is proud to welcome a brilliant young lady to the broadcast family, CC Ann. Tonight Wes introduces us to CC Ann, and like any good superhero, she has a great origin story from having a connection to a person in Wes’ past to Scarefest XII being her first horror con ever to becoming a new co-host.

CC Ann comes to us all the way from Baltimore and shares her opinions on the supernatural,, how she feels about remakes, and why TV series are not necessarily her cup of tea. We are looking forward to much more from CC and she will be giving us her first official show soon from the World Oddities Expo. Plus she has some unbelievable art on display during her interview.

Wes also reminds us that the Scarefest wines from this season will still be available through Christmas. And we wonder what wackiness would happen if Wes had been one of the researchers stuck in the Antarctic during John Carpenter’s THE THING.


Shane Blythe & Chad Morin SF12 E44

Join us this week as Wes sits down with Shane Blythe and Chad Morin of Ghost Hunt Weekends.

Before Shane’s bad connection prematurely ends his interview, he discusses his involvement in the Paranormal highway podcast and he and Wes talk about their disdain of the english language. Chad joins us while on location at the Thomas House and gives a briefing on it’s history. Chad is an avid Scarefest fan and talks about his involvement with the Con.

Be sure to tune in and check out for more info on past, present and future events.


John & Stacey Edwards SF12 E43

Wes solo hosts this week and welcomes married paranormal investigators John and Stacey Edwards.

In this episode they discuss that when this duo connected, one was a skeptic and one was a believer. Eventually, through shared personal experiences, the skeptic became a believer and they created the podcast, Haunted South. Since then they have gone on too write the book Till Death and Beyond and create another Podcast called Paranormal Sideshow. You will hear them discuss their favorite equipment to use while on the hunt as well as the pay per boo theory and how that may affect some of our favorite haunts.

You can find more info about their book and podcasts at or


Gavin and Paula Kelly SF12 E42

This week Wes hosts Gavin and Paula Kelly, paranormal investigators featured on such shows as “Phantasmic Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal Journey into the Unknown”. Gavin and Paula will be speaking at Scarefest XII about their new show “Truth or Legends in Your Hometown”, where 28 teams in 20 states will investigate local places to see if they are truly haunted or just part of the elaborate fictional tapestry of local flavor.

Gavin and Paula discuss the new Truth or Legends show, the importance of sifting through the the layers of local legend to determine if actual paranormal activity exists, and how they came to be paranormal investigators. We learn that legends can often distort the search for the supernatural and skew perceptions of haunted places, prime examples being Waverly Hills and Bobby Mackey ‘s. For more information of the new show check out Gavin and Paula’s Facebook page at

We also get a few new celebrity announcements for Scarefest. The incredible Captain Spaulding, Sid Haig, and Hafthor Bjornsson of Game of Thrones fame will be joining us. And Wes teaches us that radon gas, created by decomposing bodies, will reflect light and can make for some interesting effects when investigating cemeteries. Who knew, right?

Leo Doyle SF12 E38

Ghost hunting as we know it is changing and this week Wes sits down to talk to Leo Doyle about those changes and the future of electronic ghost hunting.

Leo is a self proclaimed, open minded skeptic who brings his career as an electrical engineer to the table. He and Wes discuss what it looks like to take a more scientific approach to ghost hunting and the new equipment needed to do so. They also discuss these new and improved technologies aimed at finding tangible, scientific proof that there could be things that go bump in the night.

If ghost hunting isn’t really your thing, then be sure to tune in anyway to see Wes nerding out and two grown men speak in a lot of scientific terms. You may not understand it all, but we promise you’ll be entertained.


Bishop James Long SF12 E37

A current trend in the paranormal seems to be an increase in demonic activity. Where do you turn when you need to learn more about the “D” word? You turn to clergyman and validly trained exorcist Bishop James Long, who has been involved in 28 documented cases of possession.

Tonight, Wes hosts Bishop Long in a long awaited talk on demonology and so much more. He and Wes discuss the serious nature of pursuing demonic cases and the dire consequences involved, his calling to the clothing at an early age, his terrifying experiences at Bobby Mackey’s along with an array of other theological and philosophical tangents. You don’t want to miss this.

James does a tremendous amount of ministry work with the homeless and impoverished single mothers. He funds this ministry through teaching paranormal courses. Interested parties can learn more at . Direct donations to this ministry can also me made on his homepage at

We also see Wes get his childhood deeply traumatized by the upcoming Banana Splits movie, which re-imagines the early 70’s psychedelic TV show as a horror movie. GROOVY!


Suzanne McComas SF12 E28

Tonight Wes is joined by co-host Ken Boggle, freshly returned from Salem Con to chat with Suzanne McComas. Suzanne is a veteran private investigator, with former military and law enforcement experience, currently living in Kentucky but has served all over the US including California, Texas, and New York. Her current field still has her consulting in cases nationwide. She will be speaking at this year’s Scarefest with her topic being The Demon Within Recognizing Evil. Believing there may be some truly inhuman forces behind the atrocities seemingly ordinary people commit, Suzanne gives a brief sneak preview of what to expect at Scarefest.

Suzanne speaks with Wes and Ken about her work with helping those wrongfully convicted, what common elements that rightfully convicted folks often share, and her belief if there are really “bad seeds” born into the world or if there is a portion of true otherworldly evil that visits itself upon us. She also lets us know that it is definitely the details that help determine a person’s guilt or innocence, as both words and body language are tell-tale signs. Her seminar promises to be educational, thought provoking, and heavy on crowd participation. There will be crime scene photos, so no one under 16 will be permitted.

Wes also gives us 3 (yes 3!) celebrity announcements for Scarefest. We will be seeing Lori Petty (aka Tank Girl), the Ghost Brothers, and wrestler/author Mick Foley. Wow, it just keeps getting better and better, right?! Lastly, we also ask, are demons just too overly saturated in the media nowadays? Check out the show and find out!