Letters to Really Bad Santa SF 2021 E39

Chad Harlan headlines the show tonight as he has a long face to face with everyone’s favorite holiday hooligan, Really Bad Santa. Just a hint…he truly fits the name, no question about that.

Chad and Really Bad Santa discuss wish lists, Santa’s toy creation limits (it’s pretty low tech in the North Pole), travel concerns due to Covid, what his reindeers’ names REALLY are, and even read a few letters from listeners. We also learn that elves like to bite.

Not to be forgotten, Joe Lewis gives us his take on one of the worst movies he’s seen in a while, MONSTER HUNTER, starring Milla Jovovich.

Really Bad Santa SF13 E56

Is it Wes in a Santa suit or is it really the jolly man himself? Who knows and who cares because either way this week Really Bad Santa sits down with Billy Crank to answer your letters to Santa and grace the Scarefest TV audience with his presence.

No one said Santa had to be jolly and no one said he wanted milk and cookies, whiskey works just as good and he let’s us know. This episode has everything you’d expect from bad Santa including a story about a naughty elf serving time for picking locks. Don’t be put on the naughty list by not tuning in.


Nicholas Vincent aka Circus Envy SF13 E50

If you have a fear of clowns, this episode is for you! What better way to usher in Halloween than to have the face of Halloween himself, Nicholas Vincent aka Circus Envy as a guest.

Circus Envy is the alter ego of Nicholas and has been a part of his life for over 20yrs. There’s a lot of psychology behind him being a clown and he gives Wes a small glimpse into that and he even turned his story into a comic book to dive into the origins of Circus Envy. Nicholas is a very well spoken and articulate person and hearing him speak is a welcome change from our usual rif raf (only partially joking) so you won’t want to skip this episode.

Bonus content with this episode is Wes debuting his new character Whispers the Clown and giving us the magic that is clown hands. Seriously, it’s majestic and you’ll want to check it out.


Scott Kindred SF13 E48

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Tonight, Wes welcomes cosplayer/entertainer Scott Kindred to the show. Scott is Scarefest’s perennial Freddy Krueger player and all around nightmare maker supreme.

Wes and Scott discuss the various elements of developing a character, how Scott became involved in cosplay, what other characters he portrays, and what it takes to make a convincing character in person. Scott even shares a great Robert Englund story. Pure gold.

Our regular features sees Joe Lewis’ take on the CREEPSHOW tv series, a female serial killer tale from Dick Pinkerton, and a throwback movie review or two from down-under.

All this and handy tips on what to do with your voting stickers!


The MissFits SF13 E16

The amazing and perfectly imperfect Missfits grace Scarefest television this week. Wes is solo hosting being left alone, he let’s the boob jokes go flying. The ladies take it in stride and talk to us about their handmade costumes, personal stories that brought them together and what they have coming up in the near future.

In this episode, our week in horror history pays homage to a horror icon and we have our usual weekly segments from Glenn and Joe Lewis.

Billy Crank closes out the show with a video for The Zombie Song and it just might be the most entertaining thing you see all day.


CC Ann Our Newest Co host SF13 E3

Here it is true believers, not only is there a new co-host but the Scarefest sausage party is proud to welcome a brilliant young lady to the broadcast family, CC Ann. Tonight Wes introduces us to CC Ann, and like any good superhero, she has a great origin story from having a connection to a person in Wes’ past to Scarefest XII being her first horror con ever to becoming a new co-host.

CC Ann comes to us all the way from Baltimore and shares her opinions on the supernatural,, how she feels about remakes, and why TV series are not necessarily her cup of tea. We are looking forward to much more from CC and she will be giving us her first official show soon from the World Oddities Expo. Plus she has some unbelievable art on display during her interview.

Wes also reminds us that the Scarefest wines from this season will still be available through Christmas. And we wonder what wackiness would happen if Wes had been one of the researchers stuck in the Antarctic during John Carpenter’s THE THING.


MissFits SF12 E27

It is officially Scarefest season! On this episode, Wes flies without a co-pilot and interviews the MissFits, a group of creative and brave women that make appearances in body paint at haunted attractions and conventions throughout the Unites States. They bring with them the fantastic tenet that everyone is beautiful and that women do not need to be afraid to participate in events like body painting because of their perceived “flaws” but should instead embrace everything that makes them who they are and realize that everyone is, in truth, beautiful.

The MissFits were formed when several of the members noticed that there were so many body types not being represented in cosplay and at conventions. From this realization they forged a new group of ladies willing to promote feeling good in one’s own skin and began to participate at several events in body paint. During the interview, Wes speaks with each of the present members to learn their various struggles with body shamming issues, whether it be weight or body dysmorphia matters all the way to recovering from a mastectomy, and how each team member has triumphed over these hardships to embrace their own true beauty. The team works with a body artist from Orlando to create the great looks we’ve seen each of the past 3 years at Scarefest with hopefully many more to come. We also learn that body paint is hard to remove and that the ladies will be performing Latin and burlesque inspired dances this year.

With it being the kickoff of Scarefest season, we get our first celebrity announcement in the form of Kane Hodder, famed stuntman and Jason Voorhees portrayer. To coincide with this there will be a Friday the 13th cosplay day with prizes for the best victim and best villain. Also true to form, we learn something new about Wes, he is a classically trained ballroom dancer. Who knew?!


Con Review: Vette City Con 2019

This week I’m doing something a little different: I am reviewing a horror convention.

Last weekend I went to Bowling Green Kentucky for my first visit to The Vette City Con. Vette City is small convention that caters to the horror and comicon crowds. It was nice to see horror take a front seat up against fantasy, pop culture, and sci-fi and the like.

They had a great selection of diverse vendors for the relatively small space they were in. We saw some of the most original artwork available anywhere mixed in with the usual fair of bobble heads and jewelry. Continue reading “Con Review: Vette City Con 2019”