Really Bad Santa SF13 E56

Is it Wes in a Santa suit or is it really the jolly man himself? Who knows and who cares because either way this week Really Bad Santa sits down with Billy Crank to answer your letters to Santa and grace the Scarefest TV audience with his presence.

No one said Santa had to be jolly and no one said he wanted milk and cookies, whiskey works just as good and he let’s us know. This episode has everything you’d expect from bad Santa including a story about a naughty elf serving time for picking locks. Don’t be put on the naughty list by not tuning in.


Darcy DeMoss SF13 E52

We all know her from her bloody role in Friday the 13th: VI and this week Darcy Demoss sits down with Wes and cohost Chad Harlen to talk about her time on the film as well as what made her cohost Tom Fridley uncomfortable while on set.

With a career beginning at age 15, Darcy has been in the business for well over 20 years and during her time she’s worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest. Darcy is not only a great actress but also an avid wildlife photographer and loves to spend time traveling the globe while capturing photos of her experiences.

After this episode, be sure to check out or DarcyDemoss19 on Instagram for more on her upcoming projects. You can also check out to see her work in wildlife photography.

Paul Bradford with Ghost Stories SF13 E51

This week the Scarefest adience is the guest! On this special edition episode, Wes is taking calls from the audience to talk about their personal ghost stories and who better to help him take those calls than paracelebrity Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International and Trending Fear.

Before the calls start coming in, Paul talks with Wes about whether or not he’s a believer in the paranormal and what technology he uses on his ghost hunts including his own invention, the Boo Buddy.

If all of that and the promise of awesome ghost stories isn’t enough to draw you in, tune in to see Wes and his floating head along with his own self proclaimed shitty ghost story. There’s something here for everyone!


Nicholas Vincent aka Circus Envy SF13 E50

If you have a fear of clowns, this episode is for you! What better way to usher in Halloween than to have the face of Halloween himself, Nicholas Vincent aka Circus Envy as a guest.

Circus Envy is the alter ego of Nicholas and has been a part of his life for over 20yrs. There’s a lot of psychology behind him being a clown and he gives Wes a small glimpse into that and he even turned his story into a comic book to dive into the origins of Circus Envy. Nicholas is a very well spoken and articulate person and hearing him speak is a welcome change from our usual rif raf (only partially joking) so you won’t want to skip this episode.

Bonus content with this episode is Wes debuting his new character Whispers the Clown and giving us the magic that is clown hands. Seriously, it’s majestic and you’ll want to check it out.


Jan Lewis: Fifth Hollar Cast SF13 E38

Actor, writter and director of The Fifth Hollar, Jan Lewis, joins Wes this week to talk about her series and what pushed her to take her once book idea and turn it into a TV series.

Along with Jan and Wes, actors Tim and James join in to talk about their time working with Jan on the Fifth Hollar and how the current pandemic has affected acting and travel. Jan has a long history with Scarefest and she and Wes also talk alittle about that history.

After all the talking is done, we are treated with the next installment of the Fifth Hollar and if all that doesn’t get you interested, just tune in to check out Wes’ new bitchin shirt.


Kelly McCarville SF13 E37

Co-host Chris Sutton joins Wes this week to interview his friend, psychic medium, paranormal investigator and documentarian Kelly McCarville.

Being born with a psychic ability can be taxing and overwhelming for most but Kelly embraced it and uses her gift to help the living through readings. Along with that, she has many extraordinary experiences and she graciously talks to us about some of those. You won’t want to miss this glimpse into the life of this medium.


Rob Mello SF13 E36

The ever beautiful CC Ann cohost with Wes this week to talk to the self proclaimed ‘Boston redneck’, Rob Mello.

Rob is best known for his roles in Happy Death Day 1&2 and he talks to us about what brought him to acting and what keeps him there. Rob’s had some tough roles and talks about what role has bothered him the most and made him cry after shooting. We get to hear about his upcoming projects as well including his newest movie, Embalmers.

In our regular weekly segments, Glen from discusses a movie that’s a part of a horror sub-genre he thinks deserves more respect and Joe with Bonehead Weekly talks about a horror series you’ll want to check out.


Adam Johnson Scarefest Stars Row Security SF13 E22

Scarefest wouldn’t be what it is without the amazing people behind the scenes and this week Wes along with cohost Chad Harlen, sit down and talk to one of those people Adam Johnson, team lead for stars row security.

Adam has been a part of the Scarefest family since day one and he talks to us about who his first celebrity was as a handler and who his favorite celebrity is. Adam also shares some of his most memorable moments during his time with Scarefest and the trio discuss what’s currently on their watch lists. Sit back and enjoy listening to 3 friends chat about a little bit of everything.

We also have our weekly segments along with answers to questions we’ve all been dying to know, like what on Facebook makes Wes’ butt tighten up.


The MissFits SF13 E16

The amazing and perfectly imperfect Missfits grace Scarefest television this week. Wes is solo hosting being left alone, he let’s the boob jokes go flying. The ladies take it in stride and talk to us about their handmade costumes, personal stories that brought them together and what they have coming up in the near future.

In this episode, our week in horror history pays homage to a horror icon and we have our usual weekly segments from Glenn and Joe Lewis.

Billy Crank closes out the show with a video for The Zombie Song and it just might be the most entertaining thing you see all day.


Suzanne McComas SF13 E15

Wes and CC Ann sit down this week with Suzanne McComas, former law enforcement, private detective and Scarefest seminars favorite. Suzanne, also known as the smartest woman in Wes’ life, talks about the cases that made her question if the criminally insane aren’t just demonically possessed. Suzanne also gives her thoughts on bigfoot, UFOs and the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy (*hint* he didn’t kill himself).

Glenn from reveals the movie that scared him as a child, Joe Lewis with Bonehead Weekly gives his opinion on the Dracula series and if that doesn’t entertain you enough, Billy Crank goes… Crazy.