Dani Bailey SF2021 E25

This week Wes and Chad Harlan speak to Dani Bailey about cannibalistic killer Ed Gein. Bailey brings a unique perspective to the table as members of her family were involved in the murder investigation.

Dani discusses elements of the case, shows some crime scene photos, and promises a replica of the infamous belt made of nipples. She also discusses her role in the fan film FRIDAY THE 13TH VENGEANCE 2: BLOODLINES along with other aspects of her growing acting career.

We also get a huge celebrity announcement (hint – think Troma pictures) and Wes gives us news about the high price of horror movie memorabilia and a horror themed escape room.

Suzanne McComas SF13 E15

Wes and CC Ann sit down this week with Suzanne McComas, former law enforcement, private detective and Scarefest seminars favorite. Suzanne, also known as the smartest woman in Wes’ life, talks about the cases that made her question if the criminally insane aren’t just demonically possessed. Suzanne also gives her thoughts on bigfoot, UFOs and the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy (*hint* he didn’t kill himself).

Glenn from Fakeshemp.net reveals the movie that scared him as a child, Joe Lewis with Bonehead Weekly gives his opinion on the Dracula series and if that doesn’t entertain you enough, Billy Crank goes… Crazy.


Shay McAlister SF13 E9

True life continues to horrify this week as Wes and co-host CC Ann welcome Shay McAlister to the show to discuss unsolved crimes. Shay is a podcaster and Emmy winning investigative journalist for WHAS in Louisville with a keen focus on cold cases. She is also a very active animal advocate and supporter of the ACE Project, a Louisville based nonprofit that helps bring positive resources to the youth community.

Shay has investigated several unsolved crimes in Bardstown KY. Among these are the cases of Jason Ellis, a police officer ambushed by the roadside in 2013, and the disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Shay discusses elements of these cases as well as others. She also talks about many other facets of her job such as personal safety concerns in her line of work and her rapport with the communities that she researches. For more info please check out www.bardstownpodcast.com

The movie feature of the week is the short MOVIE NIGHT, which follows the activities of a man just trying to sit down and catch a movie on the television while facing various distractions. Unfortunately, one of these distractions just might be a terrifying, ghoulish visitor.

We learn about female serial killers in The Week in Horror and that Really Bad Santa prefers beer and pretzels. Don’t miss segments from Mutagen Nation, Billy Crank and movie reviews from Joe Lewis and Fake Shemp. And remember, the Bluegrass Parkways is one of the creepiest roads in Kentucky!


Allen Marston SF13 E8

Albert Fish, Gary Ridgway, and Ed Gein. All of these men are real life horror stories. On this week’s show, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan talk American serial killers with Allen Marston. Allen spoke at Scarefest XII on the topic and tonight he brings further insight into the terror behind these nonfictional boogie men along with several others that you may not be familiar with.

Allen explores the cultural phenomenon behind the fascination with serial killers, where his personal interest comes from, how publicity possibly affects serial killers, and why he would rather not revisit information about Albert Fish again if possible. It is a fascinating delve into factual horrors that truly can be more terrifying than fiction.

At the end of the program, our feature presentation is the film short THE THING, an adaptation of a short excerpt from the SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK book series. Afterwards, Wes and Chad chat briefly with the writer/director Miles Bellar about his movie influences, his vision as a filmmaker, and upcoming projects. To see more from Miles, check out his “138 PRODUCTIONS” Youtube page at www.youtube.com/channel/UCrKWE9CSCY6H3lqOOkK4ZNQ/featured

We also have new updates from the Week in Horror History, CC on the road, Billy Crank, Mutagen Nation, movie reviews from Fakeshemp and Bonehead Joe Lewis, and an extra special visit from Really Bad Santa. Yep, not sure if this Santa is the kind that would want milk and cookies. Maybe some tequila and a few Playboys??


Sam Iam Mason SF12 E40

Director, writer, producer, actor and all around multitasker Sam ‘Iam’ Mason joins Wes and cohost Jason Boyd this week to discuss his ever growing list of projects.

Normal Terror is Sam’s recent production and he breaks down the inspiration behind his character and how his films take on a different approach to horror. In addition to his film productions, Sam also hosts a podcast as well as creates special effects makeups and set designs. Sam, Jason and Wes discuss the future of horror films and Wes gets on his soapbox for a moment to talk about his worries for the future of horror films.

To find out more about Sam’s work be sure to look him up at sacrificialpawnproductions.com or listen in on his podcast, Sacrificial Terror


Suzanne McComas SF12 E28

Tonight Wes is joined by co-host Ken Boggle, freshly returned from Salem Con to chat with Suzanne McComas. Suzanne is a veteran private investigator, with former military and law enforcement experience, currently living in Kentucky but has served all over the US including California, Texas, and New York. Her current field still has her consulting in cases nationwide. She will be speaking at this year’s Scarefest with her topic being The Demon Within Recognizing Evil. Believing there may be some truly inhuman forces behind the atrocities seemingly ordinary people commit, Suzanne gives a brief sneak preview of what to expect at Scarefest.

Suzanne speaks with Wes and Ken about her work with helping those wrongfully convicted, what common elements that rightfully convicted folks often share, and her belief if there are really “bad seeds” born into the world or if there is a portion of true otherworldly evil that visits itself upon us. She also lets us know that it is definitely the details that help determine a person’s guilt or innocence, as both words and body language are tell-tale signs. Her seminar promises to be educational, thought provoking, and heavy on crowd participation. There will be crime scene photos, so no one under 16 will be permitted.

Wes also gives us 3 (yes 3!) celebrity announcements for Scarefest. We will be seeing Lori Petty (aka Tank Girl), the Ghost Brothers, and wrestler/author Mick Foley. Wow, it just keeps getting better and better, right?! Lastly, we also ask, are demons just too overly saturated in the media nowadays? Check out the show and find out!


Bud Jenness SF12 E25

On this week’s show, Wes and cohost Coyote Chris Sutton speak with online professor Bud Jenness about real life horror in the form of serial killers. Not just your garden variety serial killers, they discuss European serial killers. Bud gives us plenty of insight into the twisted minds of the killers from across the pond.

Bud outlines the two types of serial killers, those that simmer and plot and those that kill impulsively, often referred to as passion murderers. There is also discussion on how European serials killers have had centuries to refine their creativity versus the American tendency to be more impulsive and to distinguish themselves through sheer numbers. We also hear how European killers like Joachim Kroll have inspired domestic serial killers like Ed Gein and Albert Fish. There is also further discourse on whether the difference between the European killers and American killers is coincidence or cultural.

Wes keeps the conversation lively, especially during an analysis of the unsavory actions of German serial killer Jurgen Bartsch. However the main question is, does cannibalism really cut down on the grocery bills?

Danielle Bailey SF12 E22

Do you have a morbid fascination with serial killers? Ever wonder if horror movies are based on actual people and events? Then this weeks episode is for you.

Wes, with co-host Brandon Griffith sit down with Danielle Bailey, author and serial killer authority. Dani dives into one of the most notorious killers, Ed Gein aka The Butcher of Plainfield and her own personal connection to the case. Ed is the inspiration of some of horrors most loved killers (yes, we love them!) and his story is fascinating with many layers. Including how great he was with kids.

This year Dani will be joining the “serial killer erection” also known as Scarefest seminars and she will be talking more in depth about Ed and other infamous killers. You won’t want to miss it!