Bud Jenness SF12 E25

On this week’s show, Wes and cohost Coyote Chris Sutton speak with online professor Bud Jenness about real life horror in the form of serial killers. Not just your garden variety serial killers, they discuss European serial killers. Bud gives us plenty of insight into the twisted minds of the killers from across the pond.

Bud outlines the two types of serial killers, those that simmer and plot and those that kill impulsively, often referred to as passion murderers. There is also discussion on how European serials killers have had centuries to refine their creativity versus the American tendency to be more impulsive and to distinguish themselves through sheer numbers. We also hear how European killers like Joachim Kroll have inspired domestic serial killers like Ed Gein and Albert Fish. There is also further discourse on whether the difference between the European killers and American killers is coincidence or cultural.

Wes keeps the conversation lively, especially during an analysis of the unsavory actions of German serial killer Jurgen Bartsch. However the main question is, does cannibalism really cut down on the grocery bills?