Allen Marston SF13 E8

Albert Fish, Gary Ridgway, and Ed Gein. All of these men are real life horror stories. On this week’s show, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan talk American serial killers with Allen Marston. Allen spoke at Scarefest XII on the topic and tonight he brings further insight into the terror behind these nonfictional boogie men along with several others that you may not be familiar with.

Allen explores the cultural phenomenon behind the fascination with serial killers, where his personal interest comes from, how publicity possibly affects serial killers, and why he would rather not revisit information about Albert Fish again if possible. It is a fascinating delve into factual horrors that truly can be more terrifying than fiction.

At the end of the program, our feature presentation is the film short THE THING, an adaptation of a short excerpt from the SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK book series. Afterwards, Wes and Chad chat briefly with the writer/director Miles Bellar about his movie influences, his vision as a filmmaker, and upcoming projects. To see more from Miles, check out his “138 PRODUCTIONS” Youtube page at

We also have new updates from the Week in Horror History, CC on the road, Billy Crank, Mutagen Nation, movie reviews from Fakeshemp and Bonehead Joe Lewis, and an extra special visit from Really Bad Santa. Yep, not sure if this Santa is the kind that would want milk and cookies. Maybe some tequila and a few Playboys??