Shay McAlister SF13 E9

True life continues to horrify this week as Wes and co-host CC Ann welcome Shay McAlister to the show to discuss unsolved crimes. Shay is a podcaster and Emmy winning investigative journalist for WHAS in Louisville with a keen focus on cold cases. She is also a very active animal advocate and supporter of the ACE Project, a Louisville based nonprofit that helps bring positive resources to the youth community.

Shay has investigated several unsolved crimes in Bardstown KY. Among these are the cases of Jason Ellis, a police officer ambushed by the roadside in 2013, and the disappearance of Crystal Rogers. Shay discusses elements of these cases as well as others. She also talks about many other facets of her job such as personal safety concerns in her line of work and her rapport with the communities that she researches. For more info please check out

The movie feature of the week is the short MOVIE NIGHT, which follows the activities of a man just trying to sit down and catch a movie on the television while facing various distractions. Unfortunately, one of these distractions just might be a terrifying, ghoulish visitor.

We learn about female serial killers in The Week in Horror and that Really Bad Santa prefers beer and pretzels. Don’t miss segments from Mutagen Nation, Billy Crank and movie reviews from Joe Lewis and Fake Shemp. And remember, the Bluegrass Parkways is one of the creepiest roads in Kentucky!