Darcy DeMoss SF13 E52

We all know her from her bloody role in Friday the 13th: VI and this week Darcy Demoss sits down with Wes and cohost Chad Harlen to talk about her time on the film as well as what made her cohost Tom Fridley uncomfortable while on set.

With a career beginning at age 15, Darcy has been in the business for well over 20 years and during her time she’s worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest. Darcy is not only a great actress but also an avid wildlife photographer and loves to spend time traveling the globe while capturing photos of her experiences.

After this episode, be sure to check out DarcyDemoss.com or DarcyDemoss19 on Instagram for more on her upcoming projects. You can also check out Exoticvisuals.com to see her work in wildlife photography.