Brian Bremer SF 2022 E22

Tonight, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome actor Brian Bremer. Bremer is known for his role as Bunt Wallace in PUMPKINHEAD as well as starring in several other horror and sci-fi films as well as having a career in the theatre and voice acting. He’s currently the voice of the Planters company’s Mr. Peanut character.

Wes, Chad, and Brian talk at length about Stan Winston and Brian’s experience working on PUMPKINHEAD, his inspiration for moving into acting, and how voice acting is the key to longevity. We also get some cool inside facts about some of his films and a great Chip Coffey story.  Plus, don’t miss a mention of the movie TEST TUBE TEENS FROM THE YEAR 2000 and a brief aside on tobacco farming. It’s all in there.

In our regular features, we get a guest announcement for a sci-fi legend and Joe Lewis spills the beans about Edgar Wright’s psychological horror film LAST NIGHT IN SOHO. It’s pretty groovy. 


R.A. Mihailoff SF 2022 E19

Fire up your chainsaws folks because this week’s show has Wes and first-time co-host Claire Heaney chatting with R.A. Mihailoff, aka Leatherface from LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III. R.A. not only acts, he’s also a member of the celebrity paranormal investigation group Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

R.A. discusses several of his more recent movie roles, his favorite kill from one of his movies, his work at a stunt show at Universal Studios as well as giving a pronunciation primer on his last name. We also learn why you can’t just practice killing people and even field a few questions from the chat room.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis steps outside of his customary analysis of horror flavored media to give us his thoughts on the historical drama mini-series CHERNOBYL airing on HBO Max.


P.J. Starks SF2021 E32

Writer, producer, director, actor and all-around jack of all trades PJ Starks joins Wes and cohost Chad this week to talk about his latest endeavor, 13 Slays of X-mas. PJ is a homegrown Kentucky boy and he talks to us about growing up in small town Kentucky and how his grandmother of all people, fueled his love for horror.

Not all horror movie makers start out making horror and PJ is no exception and he explains how Scooby Doo began it all for him. His latest film, 13 Slays of X-mas promises to be a thrill/gore filled ride and PJ is gracious enough to breakdown what the film is about and what to expect. If you are a lover of horror, anthologies and awesome people, be sure to tune in this week and get your fill!

Amelia Kinkade SF 2021 E31

This week’s episode gets amped up to eleven as Wes and co host CC Ann welcome Amelia Kinkade, better known as Angela from the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS series. Since her time as the demonic Angela, Amelia has flourished as an author, philanthropist, and animal empath. If that’s not impressive enough, Rue McClanahan, one of the Golden Girls, happens to be her aunt. Trust us, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Amelia opens up to Wes and CC about her animal empathy and the wonderful lessons she’s learned from it, her rather unconventional audition for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, her many books, and the healing power of animals. On top of all of this, Amelia is also a professional dancer, has been invited to Buckingham Palace to speak to the royal horses, and is truly passionate about teaching wildlife conservation. This is one of those shows that has a little bit of everything.

Mark Torgl 2021 E20

Slip on your tutus, because this week Wes and co-host CC Ann host cult classic Troma actor Mark Torgl, aka Melvin from the TOXIC AVENGER.

Mark tells Wes and CC about his various projects over the years, what he does in his spare time when he’s not acting, and maybe even a childhood UFO story. And there’s news about a TOXIC AVENGER reboot movie set to be produced as a major studio release.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis takes us into a psychological witch hunt with his review of Neil Marshall’s THE RECKONING.

Felissa Rose 2021 E17

Tonight’s show is a show not to be missed as Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome the one and only Felissa Rose, coming live from the set of a new film.

The SLEEPAWAY CAMP star shares her thoughts on some of her favorite projects, her work on the CASUALTY FRIDAY podcast, and her upcoming projects. It’s not too hard to see why Felissa might be one of the busiest people on Earth. Plus, there might even be a celebrity announcement or two in there.

In our regular features, the Week in Horror celebrates a classic 1996 tale of teenage witchcraft and Joe Lewis reviews the independent horror thriller HIS HOUSE.


Sean Whalen 2021 E8

This week Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Sean Whalen. If the name isn’t familiar, his face will ring a bell. Whalen is best known in horror circles as Roach from THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS but he has appeared in countless TV shows and movies since the early 1990s.

Wes and Chad learn how Whalen chooses his roles and how he prepares for them, shares the story of how he met his fiancée at Scarefest, and if he has ever done a Western. Whalen even gives away some autographed merch during the segment. He’s a super classy guy!

Our regular segments has Joe Lewis sharing his thoughts on a Shudder original anthology movie, the week in history spotlights Bruce Campbell, and Cliff Stone breaks the news on a Jason Voorhees hot sauce. Yes, a hot sauce.

Helene Udy 2021 E7

Tonight, Wes and co-host CC Ann share the screen with the incredibly talented Helene Udy. Udy is known in horror circles for starring in the 1981 horror classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE but her acting career spans a number of genres. On top of that, she’s an acrobat and a trained clown.

Helene discusses the diverse variety of characters she’s played over the years, her upcoming projects, how she hosts her own virtual Cabaret shows, and how she got into horror. There is even a little segment on clown classifications.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis compares the 1995 film CASTLE FREAK to its recent remake; Dick Pinkerton spotlights a British killer, and the Week in Horror spotlights an Oscar winning horror classic. Keep your eyes peeled for the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge.