R.A. Mihailoff SF 2022 E19

Fire up your chainsaws folks because this week’s show has Wes and first-time co-host Claire Heaney chatting with R.A. Mihailoff, aka Leatherface from LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III. R.A. not only acts, he’s also a member of the celebrity paranormal investigation group Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

R.A. discusses several of his more recent movie roles, his favorite kill from one of his movies, his work at a stunt show at Universal Studios as well as giving a pronunciation primer on his last name. We also learn why you can’t just practice killing people and even field a few questions from the chat room.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis steps outside of his customary analysis of horror flavored media to give us his thoughts on the historical drama mini-series CHERNOBYL airing on HBO Max.