Beverly McChesney SF2023 E15

Tarot, spirit guides, and mysteries abound tonight as Wes and co-host Katie Followell welcome claircognizant extraordinaire Beverly McChesney to the show.

They discuss Beverly’s vast skill set, Wes’ tarot reading talents, and the mystery of Mama Ruby. Beverly also gives a rundown on the Fool Moon Sisters Bizarre Bazaar, providing information on vendors and all of the wonders to expect from this upcoming event. There might even be some celebrity announcements.

Stick around for Joe Lewis’ ferociously honest insights into JEEPER CREEPERS REBORN. It just might save your life.


Bev McChesney with Answers from the Universe SF 2023 E4

Open your mind to the infinite tonight as Wes hosts gifted psychic medium Beverly McChesney. Beverly is recurring guest in the Scarefest universe, and she is always more than willing to share her incredible abilities with viewers.

It’s a special treat as Beverly does live reads from the Chat Room and shares her insights on such topics as who answers our questions, will houses be more affordable in days to come, and the secret to emotional manifestations through the power of the invisible world. Plus, we get several reminders on why it’s good to properly hydrate.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis shares his thoughts on the British-German horror thriller BLOOD RED SKY. Is it good? Well, that’s up in the air.


Amelia Kinkade SF 2021 E31

This week’s episode gets amped up to eleven as Wes and co host CC Ann welcome Amelia Kinkade, better known as Angela from the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS series. Since her time as the demonic Angela, Amelia has flourished as an author, philanthropist, and animal empath. If that’s not impressive enough, Rue McClanahan, one of the Golden Girls, happens to be her aunt. Trust us, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Amelia opens up to Wes and CC about her animal empathy and the wonderful lessons she’s learned from it, her rather unconventional audition for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, her many books, and the healing power of animals. On top of all of this, Amelia is also a professional dancer, has been invited to Buckingham Palace to speak to the royal horses, and is truly passionate about teaching wildlife conservation. This is one of those shows that has a little bit of everything.

Spirit Mechanix 2021 E15

This week Wes flies solo, and overcomes a Windows dumpster fire, as he speaks to Steve and Brian from SPIRIT MECHANIX, a dream team of sensitives that offer a variety of paranormal services from cleansings to healings and much more.

Wes, Brian, and Steve chat about how planetary alignment works, what are attachments, how the team works online and even delve into the rarity of actual demonic activity. The show is chalk full of metaphysical knowledge.

In our regular features, the Week in Horror spotlights one the best received chapters of the FRIDAY THE 13TH series and Joe Lewis gives us his thoughts on GODZILLA VS KONG.


Victor Paruta 2021 E10

Tonight’s show is extra metaphysical as Wes and Chad Harlan host Victor Paruta. Paruta is a tremendously gifted medium, clairvoyant, and tarot reader who has been voted Cincinnati’s Best Psychic.

Wes, Chad, and Victor discuss when Victor’s gift manifested, how his gifts shape his paranormal investigations, and whether Covid has changed the spiritual world and how it may have affected mediumship. Plus, we learn Wes’ true feelings about hugs.

We also get a nice handful of Scarefest announcements, Joe Lewis talks about the artistic horror of a LARS VAN TRIER film, and the Week in Horror salutes a “corny”1984 Stephen King classic

Beverly McChesney 2021 E2

Tonight, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome psychic medium Beverly McChesney, filling in for a previously booked guest that was unable to appear.

Beverly brings an interesting discussion to the first half of the show about how she discovered her gift and the power of thank yous and manifestation. During the second half of the show, Wes and Chad chat about the movies FRANKENHOOKER and DOOM ASYLUM.

Our regular features highlight exploitation director Frank Henelotter, leprechauns, John Wayne Gacy, and breaking horror news with Cliff Stone. It’s a wild ride so hang on tight!


Halloween Origins with Stephanie Bingham SF13 E49

We all love it but do we know why we celebrate it? This week Wes welcomes Stephanie Bingham, historian and psychic medium, back to the show to discuss the origins and evolution of that spooky, fantastic holiday called Halloween.

Wes and Stephanie delve into the ancient traditions behind apple bobbing, jack o lanterns, soulcakes and more as they cover the various aspects of Halloween that have woven together from multiple countries of origin and old traditions over the centuries. Plus, if you don’t know what “belsnickeling” is, you’re sure to find out!

In our recurring segments, Joe Lewis goes PG/PG-13, the Week in Horror spotlights puppets and pumpkins, Dick Pinkerton returns with chilling True Crime, and news anchor Cliff Stone brings a new segment to the show.