Brian Bremer SF 2022 E22

Tonight, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome actor Brian Bremer. Bremer is known for his role as Bunt Wallace in PUMPKINHEAD as well as starring in several other horror and sci-fi films as well as having a career in the theatre and voice acting. He’s currently the voice of the Planters company’s Mr. Peanut character.

Wes, Chad, and Brian talk at length about Stan Winston and Brian’s experience working on PUMPKINHEAD, his inspiration for moving into acting, and how voice acting is the key to longevity. We also get some cool inside facts about some of his films and a great Chip Coffey story.  Plus, don’t miss a mention of the movie TEST TUBE TEENS FROM THE YEAR 2000 and a brief aside on tobacco farming. It’s all in there.

In our regular features, we get a guest announcement for a sci-fi legend and Joe Lewis spills the beans about Edgar Wright’s psychological horror film LAST NIGHT IN SOHO. It’s pretty groovy.