Ty Shute & Smoky Mountain Fan Fest SF2022 E21

This week Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Ty Shute, organizer of the. The Smokey Mountain Fan Fest is huge convention that covers the length and breadth of fandom, from science fiction to anime to horror, that is hosted in our neighboring state of Tennessee.

Ty spills the beans on Smokey Mountain Fan Fest’s humble beginnings, how he became interested in the convention circuit, and the future of the Fan Fest. The gang also share a rundown of the Fan Fest lineup and have a nostalgic discussion about the exciting resort town of Gatlinburg.

In our regular feature, we get a little déjà vu as Joe Lewis shares his wise words of wisdom about M.  Night Shyamalan’s latest film OLD.  Yep, it’s a repeat but might be worth revisiting.