P.J. Starks SF2021 E32

Writer, producer, director, actor and all-around jack of all trades PJ Starks joins Wes and cohost Chad this week to talk about his latest endeavor, 13 Slays of X-mas. PJ is a homegrown Kentucky boy and he talks to us about growing up in small town Kentucky and how his grandmother of all people, fueled his love for horror.

Not all horror movie makers start out making horror and PJ is no exception and he explains how Scooby Doo began it all for him. His latest film, 13 Slays of X-mas promises to be a thrill/gore filled ride and PJ is gracious enough to breakdown what the film is about and what to expect. If you are a lover of horror, anthologies and awesome people, be sure to tune in this week and get your fill!