Christine Elise SF13 E13

Actor, writer, producer, photographer and all around amazing woman, Christine Elise join Wes and cohost Jason this week. Christine has numerous acting credits to her name but we love her and know her most from her role in Child’s Play 2. Being a classic Hollywood fan, acting came natural to her and she talks to us about her past experiences and future endeavors. To find links to all Christine’s social media and websites, be sure to visit

After Christine’s appearance, be sure to stick around for our weekly fan favorite segments such as movie reviews from Joe Lewis with Bonehead Weekly and Glen from Billy Crank also brings us a horror short from days past that is so bad, it’s good. Don’t miss it!

Change of Plans SF13 E12

Not every week goes as planned and occasionally, like this week, a guest has to cancel last minute due to various reasons. But fear not, Wes and Chad still assault your ears with discussions about random topics such as, convention site construction, what’s on TV now and why Chad is possibly bad luck.

We also have our usual weekly segments and a new short film, The Thing From the Otherside, written and directed by Miles Bellar. We have featured Miles’ shorts before and they are always well done so you’ll definitely want to check it out.

To wrap the show up, Billy Crank and friends go ‘Chasing Spirits’ and because it’s Billy, you’re guaranteed a laugh or two.


Katherine Kamhi SF13 E11

The always stunning and radiant Katherine Kamhi joins Wes and cohost CC Ann this week to discuss her time in the horror world as Meg in the horror classic, Sleepaway Camp. Katherine has a rich background in performance arts and a family full of talent. A long with her beauty secrets, she shares with us a few of her upcoming projects and memories from past endeavors.

Our usual suspects are featured this week with a bit of a Christmas theme. Glen from brings us a Christmas horror from down under that you’ll definitely want to check out and really bad Santa takes pictures while out and about.

Billy Crank brings us auditions for ‘Lovers Leap’ and proves that dating is not for everyone. You won’t want to miss it so be sure to tune in.


Tom Conwell SF13 E10

Wes and cohost Chris Sutton are joined this week by Ufologist Tom Conwell to discuss his books and research into UFO sightings around the country. Are aliens among us? How involved are the world’s governments? Why are psychics more likely to be abducted? Tom gives his theories on these questions as well as where UFO sightings are usually concentrated.

Along with our regular weekly segments such as Joe Lewis and movie reviews, we are joined by really bad Santa reading your letters and our newest segment, ghost hunts on location. The ladies of Bench Breaking Broads take us to Crooked Creek Civil War museum and share with us their paranormal experiences.

For more info on UFO sightings or if you want to check out Tom’s books, you can find him on Amazon under Thomas W. Conwell or email him at


Phil Summers SF13 E6

Scarefest television this week brings you a fascinating perspective into ghost theory with self proclaimed ghost theorist Phil Summers. Cohost Chad Harlan joins Wes and Phil to discuss the scientific approach to ‘What is a ghost?’. Do we project what a ghost is? What happens when people die and see ‘the light’? Does the night sky provide proof of ghosts? Be sure to tune in for these answers and more.

We also bring you our new weekly segments such as The Week in Horror History, Mutagen Nation interviews, Joe Lewis with Bonehead weekly movie review, Glenn from Aussie movie reviews and Billy Crank asks ‘What are you scared of?’.

If none of that sounds appealing to you, we also have our weekly horror movie short. This week we feature the short film Dinner Date and it’s sure to serve up something for everyone so be sure to tune in!

World Oddities Expo SF13 E5

Our newly minted cohost, CC Ann joins our seasoned host Wes for her first time this week and brings you an interview from Adam Hutter, ringmaster and curator of the World Oddities Expo. Adam discusses with us what the WOE has to offer such as a plethora of horror, tattoos, burlesque, serial killer presentations and even onsite taxidermy. Be sure to visit to get more info on this unique expo and how you could win a real human skull.

Later CC and Wes are joined by Cassie Lane and husband Brian, psychic medium and paranormal investigators. Cassie’s gift has brought her face to face with many spirits and she and her husband are gearing up to investigate the Lord Baltimore hotel to discover what her gift will find there.

With Scarefest radio now known as Scarefest TV, we bring you a few regular weekly segments such as movie review by Joe Lewis, on location with Billy Crank, this week in horror history, Mutagen Nation on location and a horror short film.

This week we see the short Welcome to Die and are joined afterward by Joel and Greg, creators and actor of the short. Be sure to check out this loaded episode of Scarefest TV and find out what bugs Wes about guns in films.

Shane Blythe & Chad Morin SF12 E44

Join us this week as Wes sits down with Shane Blythe and Chad Morin of Ghost Hunt Weekends.

Before Shane’s bad connection prematurely ends his interview, he discusses his involvement in the Paranormal highway podcast and he and Wes talk about their disdain of the english language. Chad joins us while on location at the Thomas House and gives a briefing on it’s history. Chad is an avid Scarefest fan and talks about his involvement with the Con.

Be sure to tune in and check out for more info on past, present and future events.


John & Stacey Edwards SF12 E43

Wes solo hosts this week and welcomes married paranormal investigators John and Stacey Edwards.

In this episode they discuss that when this duo connected, one was a skeptic and one was a believer. Eventually, through shared personal experiences, the skeptic became a believer and they created the podcast, Haunted South. Since then they have gone on too write the book Till Death and Beyond and create another Podcast called Paranormal Sideshow. You will hear them discuss their favorite equipment to use while on the hunt as well as the pay per boo theory and how that may affect some of our favorite haunts.

You can find more info about their book and podcasts at or


Beverly McChesney SF12 E41

The lovely and extremely gifted, Beverly McChesney aka Momma Ruby, joins Wes and cohost Chris Sutton this week on Scarefest radio.

Beverly is a very gifted psychic medium and she talks about her talks with the universe and answers questions about Bigfoot, Noah’s ark and even the Kennedy assassination. Talks about the Fae are brought up like how to spot them and why you want them on your side.

In this episode we are also joined by Christopher and Rachel Booth. They tell us more about their Haunted Bizarre and upcoming project, “The Attached”. There’s a little bit of everything in this episode so be sure to check it out.


Sam Iam Mason SF12 E40

Director, writer, producer, actor and all around multitasker Sam ‘Iam’ Mason joins Wes and cohost Jason Boyd this week to discuss his ever growing list of projects.

Normal Terror is Sam’s recent production and he breaks down the inspiration behind his character and how his films take on a different approach to horror. In addition to his film productions, Sam also hosts a podcast as well as creates special effects makeups and set designs. Sam, Jason and Wes discuss the future of horror films and Wes gets on his soapbox for a moment to talk about his worries for the future of horror films.

To find out more about Sam’s work be sure to look him up at or listen in on his podcast, Sacrificial Terror