World Oddities Expo SF13 E5

Our newly minted cohost, CC Ann joins our seasoned host Wes for her first time this week and brings you an interview from Adam Hutter, ringmaster and curator of the World Oddities Expo. Adam discusses with us what the WOE has to offer such as a plethora of horror, tattoos, burlesque, serial killer presentations and even onsite taxidermy. Be sure to visit to get more info on this unique expo and how you could win a real human skull.

Later CC and Wes are joined by Cassie Lane and husband Brian, psychic medium and paranormal investigators. Cassie’s gift has brought her face to face with many spirits and she and her husband are gearing up to investigate the Lord Baltimore hotel to discover what her gift will find there.

With Scarefest radio now known as Scarefest TV, we bring you a few regular weekly segments such as movie review by Joe Lewis, on location with Billy Crank, this week in horror history, Mutagen Nation on location and a horror short film.

This week we see the short Welcome to Die and are joined afterward by Joel and Greg, creators and actor of the short. Be sure to check out this loaded episode of Scarefest TV and find out what bugs Wes about guns in films.