Phil Summers SF13 E6

Scarefest television this week brings you a fascinating perspective into ghost theory with self proclaimed ghost theorist Phil Summers. Cohost Chad Harlan joins Wes and Phil to discuss the scientific approach to ‘What is a ghost?’. Do we project what a ghost is? What happens when people die and see ‘the light’? Does the night sky provide proof of ghosts? Be sure to tune in for these answers and more.

We also bring you our new weekly segments such as The Week in Horror History, Mutagen Nation interviews, Joe Lewis with Bonehead weekly movie review, Glenn from Aussie movie reviews and Billy Crank asks ‘What are you scared of?’.

If none of that sounds appealing to you, we also have our weekly horror movie short. This week we feature the short film Dinner Date and it’s sure to serve up something for everyone so be sure to tune in!