Dave Schrader SF 2022 E28

Tonight, Wes and co-host Katie Followell have the pleasure of speaking with Dave Schrader, a long-time radio show host who often delves in the strange world of the paranormal and unusual. Dave has filled in on Coast-to-Coast AM as well as appearing numerous times on TV series like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State.

Dave talks about where his career began, what led him to his interest in the paranormal, working on the TV series Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, and his busy podcasting schedule. He even shares a thrilling story about his most dangerous paranormal investigation. Plus, we mention winged hippos and divvy out a little bit of demon talk.

Also, we can’t forget Joe Lewis. He digs a little ways back and brings us a review of OUTLANDER, a 2008 scifi/action/horror film and poses the questions, where else will you see Jesus, Hellboy, and dragons all in one movie?


John & Stacey Edwards SF 2022 E23

Their back!! Yes, John and Stacey Edwards have returned. Wes and first-time co-host Katie Followell get a chance to dig into what is new and exciting in the world of the weird with these perennial Scarefest favorites.

John and Stacey discuss the growth of paranormal podcasts and the possible origins in this massive uptick in paranormal interest. Plus, we get a nice batch of their always fascinating paranormal news stories as well. And we even try to answer that eternal lingering question of how many EMF detectors does one really need?

In our regular features, there are a few new paranormal announcements and Joe Lewis gives us his review of Ti West’s new film X. Find out if it’s edgy enough to be called an independent film.

If you want more John and Stacey, tune into Paranormal Sideshow at paranormal.tv


Shane Blythe SF 2021 E37

This week Wes welcomes Shane Blythe, the owner/operator of Blythe’s Paranormal Productions. Blythe’s Paranormal Productions is a media service outlet that provides videography support to paranormal investigation teams needing help documenting their explorations.

Wes and Shane delve into what constitutes an active location, how Blythe’s Paranormal Productions helps to share techniques within the paranormal community, EVP tips, and good camera positioning practices. Check out Shane’s Facebook (@blyhthesbids) and YouTube feeds for more information

Plus, we get our first celebrity announcement of 2022 and Joe Lewis gives us his review of the Netflix series MIDGNIGHT MASS, another creation of Mike Flanagan, the man behind THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE and DOCTOR SLEEP.


Gavin & Paula Kelly SF 2021 E27

Wes goes stag tonight as he welcomes paranormal sweethearts Gavin and Paula Kelley to the show to give a little insight into their seminar topic at Scarefest 13, Turning Skeptics into Believers.

Gavin and Paula share with Wes how they pick their paranormal investigation sites, discuss how religious stigma affects the view of the paranormal, and share a few scary ghost encounters. It’s night full of limestone and ley lines.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis reviews the final movie in the FEAR STREET trilogy, FEAR STREET: 1666 and we learn that a well-known tabloid magazine is branching into the movie industry.

Bluegrass Ghost Hunters SF2021 E24

This week Wes welcomes Beth, Nick, and Crissy, of the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters to the show as a preview of what to expect from the team at Scarefest 13.

The team discusses what got them all into the paranormal field and they help explain the lack of great investigative venues in the Lexington area. They also reveal some of the great (and not so great) places they have explored. Plus, Wes provides some helpful tips for EVPs.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis takes a critical look at the British psychological horror film SAINT MAUD.

Speaker Announcements Round 3 SF2021 E23

This week Wes and Chad Harlan roll through a third round of guest speakers for Scarefest 13. Not only is there guest speaker news, but there’s also a few celebrity announcements.

Among the many speakers revealed are paranormal sweethearts Gavin and Paula Kelley, serial killer specialists Dani Bailey and Bud Jenness, and the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters. But that’s only half the show. Plus, we learn the rules on honorary serial killer status.

In the weekly features, Joe Lewis gives a brilliant review of Zack Synder’s ARMY OF THE DEAD, and we learn about an AMC network adaptation of Anne Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES.

Scott Tepperman SF 2021 E21

Wes goes solo tonight as he welcomes actor, director, and former star of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL, Scott Tepperman.

Scott and Wes chat about Scott’s time with GHI, where his interest within the paranormal realm truly stands, his acting and filmmaking career, and the virtues of VHS. Spoiler alert: a premature internet disconnection leaves us with a few unanswered questions. Thanks ZOOM.

Stick around to check out Joe Lewis’ passionate review of the 2013 reboot of EVIL DEAD.

The Booth Brothers 2021 E6

This week Wes and co-host Billy Crank are joined by the remarkably multi talented Booth Brothers. The Booths bring a wide variety of skills to the show as directors, producers, actors, and musicians as well as being immense paranormal enthusiasts.

The Booths discuss their new documentary film THE ATTACHED, open up about their passion for the process of filmmaking and their inspirations, and weigh in on supernatural experiences they’ve had during the making of their films. There might even be a discussion about who they might have had fanboy reactions to at a prior Scarefest.

We also get a great retrospective on Clive Barker from Joe Lewis and Breaking the News gives us a peek at a WRONG TURN remake and tells us about Nicholas Cage’s kooky new horror movie.

Tonya Webb of Old Hospital on College Hill 2021 E5

Tonight Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Tonya Webb, co-owner of the Old Hospital on College Hill, a paranormal hotspot in Williamson, West Virginia. To celebrate the show, Wes even cut his hair!

Tonya discusses what led here to buy into the hospital, the paranormal experiences at the Old Hospital, the Hospital’s appearance on DESTINATION FEAR, and gives us a sneak peek into her topic as a speaker this year at Scarefest 13. Learn more at www.collegehillhospital.com

We also get a cool celebrity announcement, Joe Lewis fills us in on a Night Stalker documentary, Dick Pinkerton recounts the execution of an infamous serial killer, and we might just learn if there is such a thing as a White Castle fetish.

Paul Bradford with Ghost Stories SF13 E51

This week the Scarefest adience is the guest! On this special edition episode, Wes is taking calls from the audience to talk about their personal ghost stories and who better to help him take those calls than paracelebrity Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International and Trending Fear.

Before the calls start coming in, Paul talks with Wes about whether or not he’s a believer in the paranormal and what technology he uses on his ghost hunts including his own invention, the Boo Buddy.

If all of that and the promise of awesome ghost stories isn’t enough to draw you in, tune in to see Wes and his floating head along with his own self proclaimed shitty ghost story. There’s something here for everyone!