Dave Schrader SF 2022 E28

Tonight, Wes and co-host Katie Followell have the pleasure of speaking with Dave Schrader, a long-time radio show host who often delves in the strange world of the paranormal and unusual. Dave has filled in on Coast-to-Coast AM as well as appearing numerous times on TV series like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State.

Dave talks about where his career began, what led him to his interest in the paranormal, working on the TV series Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, and his busy podcasting schedule. He even shares a thrilling story about his most dangerous paranormal investigation. Plus, we mention winged hippos and divvy out a little bit of demon talk.

Also, we can’t forget Joe Lewis. He digs a little ways back and brings us a review of OUTLANDER, a 2008 scifi/action/horror film and poses the questions, where else will you see Jesus, Hellboy, and dragons all in one movie?