Patti Starr & Midas Cove SF 2022 E27

This week, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Patti Starr, paranormal investigator and original co-founder of Scarefest, Ben Hicks, and Brian Pitts to the show. Ben and Brian are the writer and director, respectively, of the upcoming horror/thriller series Midas Cove.

The gang discuss the inspirations behind Midas Cove, a tale of a grieving widower on the path to revenge that is set in rural Kentucky. Along the way we get a peek at the cast, talk about how the shooting locations were chosen, what outlets they would like to use for distribution, and the biggest challenges they faced making the series.

And a night wouldn’t be complete without a little Joe Lewis. This week, Joe offers his insight on the Netflix vampire hunter movie DAY SHIFT, starring Jamie Fox and Snoop Dogg.