Gavin and Paula Kelly SF12 E42

This week Wes hosts Gavin and Paula Kelly, paranormal investigators featured on such shows as “Phantasmic Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal Journey into the Unknown”. Gavin and Paula will be speaking at Scarefest XII about their new show “Truth or Legends in Your Hometown”, where 28 teams in 20 states will investigate local places to see if they are truly haunted or just part of the elaborate fictional tapestry of local flavor.

Gavin and Paula discuss the new Truth or Legends show, the importance of sifting through the the layers of local legend to determine if actual paranormal activity exists, and how they came to be paranormal investigators. We learn that legends can often distort the search for the supernatural and skew perceptions of haunted places, prime examples being Waverly Hills and Bobby Mackey ‘s. For more information of the new show check out Gavin and Paula’s Facebook page at

We also get a few new celebrity announcements for Scarefest. The incredible Captain Spaulding, Sid Haig, and Hafthor Bjornsson of Game of Thrones fame will be joining us. And Wes teaches us that radon gas, created by decomposing bodies, will reflect light and can make for some interesting effects when investigating cemeteries. Who knew, right?