Film Festival Preview SF 2022 E30

Grab the popcorn and some Milk Duds because this week Wes shares a heaping sneak preview of this year’s entries in the Scarefest Film Festival as well as offering a big tip of the hat to Meredith Blackwell for her many hours of dedicated previewing time. Trust us, this is a whopper of a show.

Wes covers a lot of ground, from films based on real urban legends to paranormal investigation and from 80’s retro vibe to foreign films. You can’t go wrong with such enticing titles as: HELL VAN, FALL OF CAMP BLOOD, SPAGHETTI FACE, and INHUMANO. Some are shorter than your average theatrical trailer but pack a lot of punch in that brief run time. Do you want to see trailers? There are loads of trailers. Enough said?

Plus, let’s not forget about Joe Lewis. This week he reviews ORPHAN: FIRST KILL, the prequel to 2009’s creepy psychological film ORPHAN.