Chad Harlan SF12 E12

In this week’s episode, Wes, fresh off of a Louisville Supercon visit, and co-host Chris Sutton talk to Chad Harlan, a self-professed anomaly within the paranormal enthusiasts circle. Chad brings an uncommon element to the table, he happens to be a fraud investigator.
Chad discusses how growing up listening to his grandmas story of “haints” as a child piqued his interest in the paranormal and how he now applies his analytical job skills as a fraud investigator to the world of the paranormal. He shares a few of his guidelines on how to go about layering your evidence as proof of the paranormal, his viewpoints on EVPs, and the absolute importance of protecting your meta data when gathering evidence. He also has valuable insight into the impact of paranormal shows on the paranormal community and the state of advances in the investigative field.
Wes also discusses he possibility of cosplay at this year’s Scarefest. Yes, the cosplay could be a big thing….stayed tuned for more details.