Pat O’Keefe SF12 E32

Psychic medium, author and paranormal investigator Pat O’Keefe joins host Wes and co-host Chad Harlen this week on Scarefest radio.

The trio sit down and discuss Pat’s family background which is full of mediums and how she discovered her gifts at a young age. We learn about the stigma that follows gifted people around the world and how Pat plans to try and ease that stigma with an upcoming art installation.

Everything from Wes and Pat’s first encounter, what she saw in him (turns out Wes is more than just a pretty face) and our mysterious past lives is discussed this week. Be sure to tune in and check out for more info on her books, upcoming projects and appearances.


Speaker Announcements SF12 E31

On this week’s show, Wes and Chris Sutton unveil additional speaker announcements for Scarefest XII. Scarefest is famous for having some of the best seminars in the horror convention industry and from the sounds of these speakers, the trend is going to continue. Strap in and feast your ears on these fantastic guest announcements. 
First on the docket is Bud Jenness, who will speak on infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes. The always impeccably dressed Stephanie Bingham will discuss Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen. Private investigator Suzanne McComas will try to answer the question of supernatural evil as a possible source of human atrocities. Demonologist and investigator Kyl Cobb delves into the possession of Elizabeth Knapp. Lastly, John and Stacey Edwards will discuss living with the paranormal and the dangers associated with that as well as teach us about the “pay per boo” theory.
Between announcements we learn more about Wes’ potty mouth and that Chris grows bamboo. And what show would be complete without tangent discussions about the quality of the show Ghost Bait, what constitutes actual evil, and the mindset of demons? Join us and find out!   


Chad and Wes SF12 E30

Wes tests co-host Chad Harlan’s improvisation skills on tonight’s episode and he handles it like a champ. Just prior to broadcast time, scheduled guest Bishop James Long was called to another event so Wes and Chad wing it like Goose and Maverick in a show chalk full of speaker announcements and sidebars.

First up, we learn the Tennessee Wraith Chasers will be joining Scarefest in a return visit. Wes and Chad follow up with a bevy of outstanding speakers slated to enlighten us. First announced were the Southern Gypsies, who will show us how to embrace our inner witch. The list grows with Danielle Bailey, Allen Marston, and Chris Sutton, each of whom will be sharing their insights into a variety of famous American serial killers. Spirit Mechanix will present a seminar on true hauntings versus residual hauntings. And, last but certainly not least, Chad Harlan himself, along with co-speaker Stephen Pulliam, will deliver a seminar on Kentucky Satanic Killers.

In-between announcements Wes and Chad discuss the schizophrenia of social media trolls, the negative depiction of witches, the cornucopia of serial killer topics this year, and Wes’ true feelings about residual hauntings. We might have to research stone tape theory so we can keep up on this one.

Brandon Griffith SF12 E29

What does Wes do when he hasn’t scheduled a guest for the evening? Well, he sits down to a nice chat with Scarefest co-owner Brandon Griffin. This impromptu interview not only gives us some eagerly awaited insight into this year’s upcoming Scarefest but also happens to fall on the Griffin’s date night, where “every inch counts” is the phrase to live by.

Since the Convention Center is deeply in the midst of renovation, Brandon shares the Herculean efforts being taken to make sure that the room layout makes the most effective use of the precious available space. He also gives Wes a rundown of many of the great entertainment options that are currently in brewing stages for 2019. Some of these include expanded set props from Bryce Horror FX, the return of Escape Room events, a possible gaming room for video game enthusiasts, and more “Scary-oake”. The film festival is set to be incredible this year thanks to FilmFreeway, a site that makes it easier for filmmakers to share their work to a broader audience.

Also, this year’s Scarefest will be in full swing on Friday the 13th! What amazing horrors (or delights, depending on your point of view) could this bring? Nicole Griffin hints at a few possible special events in the making. With Kane Hodder being there, how could Friday the 13th not be outstanding?!


Suzanne McComas SF12 E28

Tonight Wes is joined by co-host Ken Boggle, freshly returned from Salem Con to chat with Suzanne McComas. Suzanne is a veteran private investigator, with former military and law enforcement experience, currently living in Kentucky but has served all over the US including California, Texas, and New York. Her current field still has her consulting in cases nationwide. She will be speaking at this year’s Scarefest with her topic being The Demon Within Recognizing Evil. Believing there may be some truly inhuman forces behind the atrocities seemingly ordinary people commit, Suzanne gives a brief sneak preview of what to expect at Scarefest.

Suzanne speaks with Wes and Ken about her work with helping those wrongfully convicted, what common elements that rightfully convicted folks often share, and her belief if there are really “bad seeds” born into the world or if there is a portion of true otherworldly evil that visits itself upon us. She also lets us know that it is definitely the details that help determine a person’s guilt or innocence, as both words and body language are tell-tale signs. Her seminar promises to be educational, thought provoking, and heavy on crowd participation. There will be crime scene photos, so no one under 16 will be permitted.

Wes also gives us 3 (yes 3!) celebrity announcements for Scarefest. We will be seeing Lori Petty (aka Tank Girl), the Ghost Brothers, and wrestler/author Mick Foley. Wow, it just keeps getting better and better, right?! Lastly, we also ask, are demons just too overly saturated in the media nowadays? Check out the show and find out!


MissFits SF12 E27

It is officially Scarefest season! On this episode, Wes flies without a co-pilot and interviews the MissFits, a group of creative and brave women that make appearances in body paint at haunted attractions and conventions throughout the Unites States. They bring with them the fantastic tenet that everyone is beautiful and that women do not need to be afraid to participate in events like body painting because of their perceived “flaws” but should instead embrace everything that makes them who they are and realize that everyone is, in truth, beautiful.

The MissFits were formed when several of the members noticed that there were so many body types not being represented in cosplay and at conventions. From this realization they forged a new group of ladies willing to promote feeling good in one’s own skin and began to participate at several events in body paint. During the interview, Wes speaks with each of the present members to learn their various struggles with body shamming issues, whether it be weight or body dysmorphia matters all the way to recovering from a mastectomy, and how each team member has triumphed over these hardships to embrace their own true beauty. The team works with a body artist from Orlando to create the great looks we’ve seen each of the past 3 years at Scarefest with hopefully many more to come. We also learn that body paint is hard to remove and that the ladies will be performing Latin and burlesque inspired dances this year.

With it being the kickoff of Scarefest season, we get our first celebrity announcement in the form of Kane Hodder, famed stuntman and Jason Voorhees portrayer. To coincide with this there will be a Friday the 13th cosplay day with prizes for the best victim and best villain. Also true to form, we learn something new about Wes, he is a classically trained ballroom dancer. Who knew?!


Jack Kenna SF12 E26

Fresh off of a visit to the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, Wes and cohost Chad Harlan speak with accomplished paranormal investigator, author, and TV personality Jack Kenna. Jack, a senior engineer with the Department of the Army, is a member of the paranormal team S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England and is the series lead on the TV series Haunted Case Files and Paranormal Survivor. He has also published two books on the paranormal.   
Jack’s interest in the supernatural comes from paranormal experiences dating back to his childhood. He began active investigation in 2009. Jack discusses the importance of having a great investigative team, passes along tips on how to assemble a strong paranormal research team, and gives a few suggestions on how to build experience to those looking to enter the paranormal investigation field. Jack believes in truth in his investigations. Being a TV personality, he recognizes the significance of not letting editors pressure investigators into embellishment. 
We also learn a few other interesting facts along the way such as where Wes found the worst hamburger he’s ever tasted and that nurses have the best ghost stories!  

Bud Jenness SF12 E25

On this week’s show, Wes and cohost Coyote Chris Sutton speak with online professor Bud Jenness about real life horror in the form of serial killers. Not just your garden variety serial killers, they discuss European serial killers. Bud gives us plenty of insight into the twisted minds of the killers from across the pond.

Bud outlines the two types of serial killers, those that simmer and plot and those that kill impulsively, often referred to as passion murderers. There is also discussion on how European serials killers have had centuries to refine their creativity versus the American tendency to be more impulsive and to distinguish themselves through sheer numbers. We also hear how European killers like Joachim Kroll have inspired domestic serial killers like Ed Gein and Albert Fish. There is also further discourse on whether the difference between the European killers and American killers is coincidence or cultural.

Wes keeps the conversation lively, especially during an analysis of the unsavory actions of German serial killer Jurgen Bartsch. However the main question is, does cannibalism really cut down on the grocery bills?

Maria Olsen SF12 E24

On tonight’s show Wes and co-host Jason Boyd speak to actress and producer Maria Olsen. It can possibly be said that she might be one of the hardest working actresses in the business with over 200 films to her credit and many more on the horizon. This is made even more incredible since she only hit the movie scene in 2005!

Maria’s career began at the early age of 6 performing in plays and dance shows then moved to theater throughout East London and South Africa before finally migrating to the States to begin her journey into film. Primarily know for horror, she has also appeared in a broad spectrum of movie genres including fantasy, scifi, and even a Western. Her pure dedication to acting truly highlights her strong work ethic. She’s like the Energizer Bunny! Along the way, she talks about her love of physical acting (non-dialogue roles), how she has overcome the lack of roles for older woman in the movie industry, and why the love of the acting craft should be a person’s prime motivating force to enter the occupation. She also mentions that her Facebook fan page has albums for each of her multitude of movies that include links on where to watch them. Wow, that’s just incredible fan service.

But Maria is not just an actress. She is also a producer, owning her own production company, Monsterworks66. She did production up until 2015, when she decided to take a break to give herself some downtime. She also started knitting and has a page where she sells her creations. Little known fact, Maria used to be a bankruptcy trustee for PriceWaterhouseCooper, one of the largest professional services firms in the world.

We also see the emotional damage that an unwanted Windows update does to Wes. These things can leave scars for years. We also wonder just how many recycled corpse parts it takes to keep Jason Boyd running at 100%.

Shannon Stockin aka Michelle Macabre SF12 E23

On this weeks episode, Wes welcomes back Scarefest Radio regular Billy Crank as his co-host and the duo sit down with Shannon Stockin aka Michelle Macabre, actress and special effects makeup artist.

Shannon talks about the birth of her alter ego Michelle Macabre and how her father’s love of horror helped create and fuel hers. Makeup special effects are her true passion, the more gore the better, but her love of acting has led her to roles in short film such as Hell’s Half Acre and other future projects.

From acting, to cosplay, makeup effects and even motherhood, Shannon has many talents. You’ll want to look her up and keep an eye on this rising star. Find her on IMDb and Facebook and Instagram under Shannon Stockin.