Mick Strawn SF13 E34

The talented Mick Strawn joins Wes along with co-host CCAnn this week on Scarefest television. Mick is known for his production design and art work on some of horrors best known movies.

Mick graciously shares stories about his time working on movies such as Boogy Nights and Mortal Combat and shares tips snd tricks of the trade including why blow-up dolls are important. With the state the world is in and all that time spent at home, we also get to hear what Mick is watching these days. Mick also has his podcast, Dream Warrior and his book Behind the Screams, both of which he gives us a taste of.

At the end of the show, the short film,, The Edge of Darkness by Miles Bellar is shown and Mick gives his critiques and shares tips on what film makers can do to help their projects.