Keith Ottersburg and Numerology SF13 E31

SF Radio takes a walk on the paranormal side tonight as Wes welcomes paranormal investigator Keith Ottersberg. Keith is the founder and lead investigator of the Cobra Paranormal team in Nebraska and has appeared on DEAD FILES as well as having ties with Spirit Mechanix in Lexington.

Wes and Keith delve into the meaning of various numbers and number arrangements and what effects they can have on a person’s life. Other topics include Reiki, the effect COVID has had on spiritual energy and the paranormal world, creating your own personal growth through positive energy, and the importance of grounding. It’s definitely an enlightening show.

In between the interview, Glen Cochrane shares a personal indulgence in an obscure zombie film from his youth and Joe Lewis shares his two favorite horror movies of all time. The Week in Horror brings us Killer Klowns, more zombies, and Bonnie and Clyde.

And if that’s not enough….there are 3 new celebrity announcements! It is a jam packed show!