Dani Bailey SF2021 E25

This week Wes and Chad Harlan speak to Dani Bailey about cannibalistic killer Ed Gein. Bailey brings a unique perspective to the table as members of her family were involved in the murder investigation.

Dani discusses elements of the case, shows some crime scene photos, and promises a replica of the infamous belt made of nipples. She also discusses her role in the fan film FRIDAY THE 13TH VENGEANCE 2: BLOODLINES along with other aspects of her growing acting career.

We also get a huge celebrity announcement (hint – think Troma pictures) and Wes gives us news about the high price of horror movie memorabilia and a horror themed escape room.

Bluegrass Ghost Hunters SF2021 E24

This week Wes welcomes Beth, Nick, and Crissy, of the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters to the show as a preview of what to expect from the team at Scarefest 13.

The team discusses what got them all into the paranormal field and they help explain the lack of great investigative venues in the Lexington area. They also reveal some of the great (and not so great) places they have explored. Plus, Wes provides some helpful tips for EVPs.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis takes a critical look at the British psychological horror film SAINT MAUD.

Speaker Announcements Round 3 SF2021 E23

This week Wes and Chad Harlan roll through a third round of guest speakers for Scarefest 13. Not only is there guest speaker news, but there’s also a few celebrity announcements.

Among the many speakers revealed are paranormal sweethearts Gavin and Paula Kelley, serial killer specialists Dani Bailey and Bud Jenness, and the Bluegrass Ghost Hunters. But that’s only half the show. Plus, we learn the rules on honorary serial killer status.

In the weekly features, Joe Lewis gives a brilliant review of Zack Synder’s ARMY OF THE DEAD, and we learn about an AMC network adaptation of Anne Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES.

Tiffany Shepis SF2021 E22

This week Wes and CC Ann host Scream Queen extraordinaire Tiffany Shepis, who may or may not have a score to settle with Wes.

The gang tackle all manner of topics including Shepis’ feelings on movie nudity, the movie she made with her husband during quarantine, her work on the CASUALTY FRIDAY podcast, and how much she loves doing conventions.

Plus, does a murder investigation/possession story work well together? We’ll find out as Joe Lewis shares his thoughts on the latest CONJURING movie, THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT.

Scott Tepperman SF 2021 E21

Wes goes solo tonight as he welcomes actor, director, and former star of GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL, Scott Tepperman.

Scott and Wes chat about Scott’s time with GHI, where his interest within the paranormal realm truly stands, his acting and filmmaking career, and the virtues of VHS. Spoiler alert: a premature internet disconnection leaves us with a few unanswered questions. Thanks ZOOM.

Stick around to check out Joe Lewis’ passionate review of the 2013 reboot of EVIL DEAD.

Mark Torgl 2021 E20

Slip on your tutus, because this week Wes and co-host CC Ann host cult classic Troma actor Mark Torgl, aka Melvin from the TOXIC AVENGER.

Mark tells Wes and CC about his various projects over the years, what he does in his spare time when he’s not acting, and maybe even a childhood UFO story. And there’s news about a TOXIC AVENGER reboot movie set to be produced as a major studio release.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis takes us into a psychological witch hunt with his review of Neil Marshall’s THE RECKONING.

Report on Lex Live with Chad Harlan 2021 E19

Chad Harlan takes the reigns on this week’s show as he brings us an in-depth look at Lexington’s new entertainment location Lex Live. Lex Live will be host to some of Scarefest’s most highly anticipated entertainment events like the Film Festival and The Scream Queen Bowl-O-Rama.

Due to a few technical difficulties the show is little shorter than usual but is packed full of information about the food, the fun, and all of the amenities available at Lex Live. How many other places have bowling balls that look like billiard balls?

Also keep a lookout for Joe Lewis’ review of the Shudder exclusive movie PSYCHO GOREMAN, a movie specifically made to be a cult film.



Speaker Announcements Round 2 2021 E18

Strap in because this week is another night packed full of seminar breakdowns with Wes and co-host CC Ann.

This next team of speakers will cover everything from Lizzy Borden to recognizing true evil within the human soul to Bigfoot. There is also some inside information on food vendors and the new Lex Live location that will host a few events. Plus, there might even be a few fun facts thrown in like the little-known truth that Bigfoots are snarky.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis gives us his thoughts on THE GREASY STRANGLER, a movie he classified as weird. If Joe says it’s weird, viewers are in for a wild ride.


Felissa Rose 2021 E17

Tonight’s show is a show not to be missed as Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome the one and only Felissa Rose, coming live from the set of a new film.

The SLEEPAWAY CAMP star shares her thoughts on some of her favorite projects, her work on the CASUALTY FRIDAY podcast, and her upcoming projects. It’s not too hard to see why Felissa might be one of the busiest people on Earth. Plus, there might even be a celebrity announcement or two in there.

In our regular features, the Week in Horror celebrates a classic 1996 tale of teenage witchcraft and Joe Lewis reviews the independent horror thriller HIS HOUSE.


Speaker Announcements 2021 E16

It’s a night packed full with seminar breakdowns as Wes and co-host CC Ann reveal the first round of speakers for Scarefest 13:Resurrection.

On the docket are speakers that cover such topics as who is the most prolific American serial killer, what kind of hauntings occur in abandoned hospitals and how to channel the universe to answer life’s many mysteries. And, filling time as only they can, Wes and CC throw in a little TV talk.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis takes a “deep dive” into the world of underwater horror movies.