2020 Weirdness Review with John & Stacey Edwards 2021 E1

Scarefest kicks off the New Year in high gear as Wes welcomes podcasting phenoms John and Stacey Edwards to the show. Spoiler alert, this is an extended length episode that’s jam packed with weirdness only Wes, John, and Stacey could bring to the table.

John and Stacey present many of 2020’s most unusual, unearthly, and mysterious stories. Topics range from the official acknowledgment of UFOs to baffling monolith sightings, found treasure, witch bottles. and so much more. Plus we learn about some really interesting Federal job opportunities.

Even the regular features are jam packed as Joe Lewis gives a deep insight into THE LODGE, Dick Pinkerton drops some Ted Bundy lore, and Cliff Stone talks fetish demons and satanic Christmas letters.


Change of Plans SF13 E57

Occasionally things come up and plans change last minute, like this week, but never fear, Wes and CC save day!
What better way to fill in a last minute change than to talk about what your watching and upcoming events.

Wes has a lot of new and renewed things in the works and he walks us through a few of those as well as what he would like to see on paranormal television and how he feels about UFO documentaries.

If talking about horror movies or geeky things isn’t enough for you to tune in, tune in just to see the ever lovely CC Ann and you won’t be disappointed.


Really Bad Santa SF13 E56

Is it Wes in a Santa suit or is it really the jolly man himself? Who knows and who cares because either way this week Really Bad Santa sits down with Billy Crank to answer your letters to Santa and grace the Scarefest TV audience with his presence.

No one said Santa had to be jolly and no one said he wanted milk and cookies, whiskey works just as good and he let’s us know. This episode has everything you’d expect from bad Santa including a story about a naughty elf serving time for picking locks. Don’t be put on the naughty list by not tuning in.


Change of Plans SF13 E55

Can anyone else but Wes make an improvised show look so smooth? Find out tonight. Due to an unexpected cancellation, Wes and co-host Chad Harlan take Wes’ new internet connection for a test drive while they hash out all manner of ad-libbed topics along with special guest Joe Lewis.

Topics on the table include an analysis of Wes’ recent binge viewing of all of the TWILIGHT films, what movie series are overrated, and which movie classics don’t age so well. Full disclosure, there is a small segment that’s audio only but it is a new internet connection so something is bound to go sideways.

Plus, Joe Lewis also slips in a quick segment on two of the films of director Fred Dekker. Don’t recognize the name? That’s alright, you may recognize the movies.


Jake Hates Everything SF13 E54

It’s the show that might break the mold as this week Wes welcomes Jake Godbold, horror expert and agent of Mini C the Unspeakable, for an interesting premise. Jake has requested Wes watch two movies and the challenge is for Wes to guess which movie Jake liked and which one Jake hated. The results are hilarious.

Not only do we get the results on the movie challenge, between CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and SOCIETY, but we also get some passionate commentary on both films and a few lessions on copywrite barriers. Plus Wes gets the lowdown on Jake’s thoughts about virtual conventions.

In our regular features, don’t miss Joe Lewis’ review of the HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR.