Nic Brown SF12 E9

Wes solo hosts this weeks episode in which he sits down with the multi talented Nic Brown. Most of the Scarefest crew know Nic as the Scarefest media director but he’s also a producer, author and b-list movie aficionado.

Nic and Wes dive into the fascinating world of Werewolves, the dog man and the possibilities of the legends being true. With the release of Wretch at the 2018 Scarefest, we hear about upcoming projects such as the action comedy Loss Prevention in which Nic co-wrote and they break down the meaning of B-list movie.

Be sure to go to Nic’s website and check out his books series of the same name and the newest in the Stu Boling book series, A Grave St. Patrick’s Day. Or check him out on