Holler Monsters of Kentucky with Mark Muncy and Erika Lance SF2024 E3


Mark Muncy and Erica Lance discuss various cryptids and folklore from Kentucky, including holler monsters, UFO sightings, and legends of little people and river monsters. They also mention upcoming appearances at events such as the Loveland Frogman Festival and Megacon. Their books, Eerie Florida and Eerie Appalachia, are available at various retailers.


Three Appalachian Witches and Appalachian Granny Witch Magick SF2024 E2

Appalachian witchcraft and folk magic, different types of witches, Lilith’s significance, psychic abilities, the Salem Witch Trials, misconceptions about witches, and the promotion of their podcast and upcoming book release. It also includes a movie review of ‘What Keeps You Alive’ and a discussion on deities and personal connections to them.


John Edwards with our 2023 Weirdness in Review SF2024 E1

The New Year is here, and we know what that means. It’s time for our annual visit from John and Stacey Edwards to hear what’s happening in the world of the paranormal and the strange. Sadly, Stacey couldn’t join tonight.

Wes and John tackle some chilling and thrilling topics like eight-foot-tall aliens in Miami, face eaters in Peru, children miraculously surviving forty days in the jungle, and cursed paintings. Plus, Wes has his first live Instragram feed and we get a pretty big celebrity announcement.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis fires off a review of THE NUN2. Beware, Joe’s wisdom is habit forming.


The Scarefest TV Annual Holiday Party SF2023 E47

The Scarefest TV Annual Holiday Party features discussions about New Year’s resolutions, Wes’s Patreon project, and upcoming events. The mildly intoxicated hosts of the show share their personal goals and experiences, including organizing a ghost hunt at the convention. They express gratitude to fans and announce the end of the season, looking forward to the upcoming year.


Brande Roderick Director and Star of Wineville SF2023 E46

Brande Roderick, the director and star of the film “Wineville,” discusses her experience and insights about the movie in a lively and engaging interview. She also shares her favorite horror movies and her plans for the distribution of “Wineville.” The upcoming holiday party episode of Scarefest TV is also mentioned, where co-hosts will be celebrating the holidays on air.


Rosemary Idisi Writer and Star of Glamping SF2023 E45

Rosemary Idisi is the writer and star of the film “Glamping SF2023 E43.” The film follows a group of friends on a glamping trip that takes a turn for the worst. Rosemary discusses the challenges of filming the movie in one day and her plans to turn it into a feature film. She also shares her favorite horror movies and her experiences on the film festival circuit. Overall, she expresses her passion for filmmaking and her excitement for future projects.


Zach Bales with The Enduring Mystery of UFOs SF2023 E44

Zach Bales discusses the enduring mystery of UFOs and shares his recent journey to Nevada’s extraterrestrial Highway. He also talks about a famous UFO abduction case in Kentucky and the prevalence of UFO sightings in the state. The video also includes a review of the movie “Five Nights at Freddy’s” from Bonehead Weekly and a discussion about UFO activity in other countries.


The Spiritualist Movement PLUS Vampires with Stephanie Bingham SF2023 E43

Stephanie Bingham, a historian and psychic medium, discusses the Spiritualist Movement and vampires. She explains the historical and modern aspects of psychic vampires and the cultural impact of the Spiritualist Movement. The discussion also covers the potential dangers of psychic vampires and the influence of empathy on psychic abilities. Stephanie also shares her experiences with ghost hunting and provides tips for clearing negative energy from a space.


The Booth Brothers Never Blink SF2023 E42

The Booth Brothers discuss the challenges of quality control and oversaturation on streaming platforms for filmmakers, emphasizing the importance of unique concepts and timely marketing strategies. They also explore the impact of AI on filmmaking, the enjoyment of watching horror movies with others, and the significance of understanding the market and business aspects of filmmaking. Their goal is to inspire and influence people through storytelling, music, and filmmaking.