The Council SF 2022 E17

From secret locations scattered around the Bluegrass state comes another meeting of the Council, the mysterious Powers that help shape the Scarefest as we know it. For those that haven’t caught on, it’s Brandon Griffith, Wes Forsythe, and Adrienne Elder. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

This week the Council fields questions on the many aspects of the photo op lines, sneaks a peek at further developments in the Robert England line logistics saga, and hints at a tremendously cool prize from Adrienne for Scarefest fans. We even get a history lesson on the Betamax video format. Yeah, that’s a real thing.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis reviews the recent CANDYMAN (2021) movie release to let us know if it’s a reboot, a re-quel, or something entirely new and different. It just might surprise you.