Opportunity: Really Bad Tarot January 12 2019

For this week’s Really Bad Tarot guidance I chose my second favorite deck, The Tarot Illuminati (which should totally only be said with an echo). I’m fairly new to using the deck, but the imagery is beautifully detailed which makes it easier for me to make up stuff.

I feel we are still on a New Year theme. I see a lot of posts on Facebook from people that seem to be struggling with life. It’s a though the annual “reset button” did not work this time around. Normally it takes us weeks or even months to realize that our year is going to suck yet again.

I drew the 4 of Cups.

Now before anybody Googles what the card is supposed to mean, or any of you know-it-all, actual, real, read-the-instructions and took classes tarot readers start sending me messages about the “true” meaning of the card, let me emphatically state the following: I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S FUZZY ASS WHAT YOU THINK THE CARD MEANS.


In the picture we see a young man whose mother cuts his hair looking down as if depressed. He is surrounded by cups (signifying stuff), yet those cups are not making him happy.

But what he is missing is that God (or the deity of your choosing, or life, or whatever) is trying to hand him what he is looking for. It’s right there. He doesn’t have to search. If he would just get off his ass and embrace it I am sure he would find happiness.

Sometimes we all need to stop worrying about what we don’t have and open our eyes to the opportunity that is readily available to us.