Love is Hard: Really Bad Tarot February 9 2019

First, I want to apologize for not doing my Really Bad Tarot Card Reading the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I was on the road all weekend (doing them in person to great fanfare), and last week…let’s just say that the weather had me in a really foul mood and I didn’t feel like it.

But of course, I know that so many of you can’t really function properly until I have shared the wisdom of the cards. Here we go…

This week’s reading comes from the Mystical Tarot. Little known fact: I get some of my best readings from these cards, but it is one of my least requested decks when I am giving personal readings. I think that is because it is not packed in a flashy box and, being one of my older decks, resides in a normal sized, slightly tattered, unassuming box.

But today is its chance to shine!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I asked the cards to give us all romantic advice: What should we look for in our romantic lives?

This has gone terribly awry.

It’s not that the card is telling me anything bad. The card is giving me a message of chaos.

I mean…LOOK AT THIS THING! People are tumbling off of a tower. There is lightning. There is fire. There is smoke. The top is flying off of the tower. And that one person has lost their hat.


But isn’t that what relationships are all about? Our lives always seem to be filled with chaos. We constantly have outside forces that disrupt our best intentions and plans. Life is hard. Love is harder.

The best we can really do when we are down is to land on our feet, pick up our hats, and return to climb the tower that is love and make our way back to the top. Relationships built on a strong foundation can take whatever the world throws at it. But no one ever said climbing to the top…or climbing back to the top…was supposed to be easy.