Love is Hard: Really Bad Tarot February 9 2019

First, I want to apologize for not doing my Really Bad Tarot Card Reading the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I was on the road all weekend (doing them in person to great fanfare), and last week…let’s just say that the weather had me in a really foul mood and I didn’t feel like it.

But of course, I know that so many of you can’t really function properly until I have shared the wisdom of the cards. Here we go…

This week’s reading comes from the Mystical Tarot. Little known fact: I get some of my best readings from these cards, but it is one of my least requested decks when I am giving personal readings. I think that is because it is not packed in a flashy box and, being one of my older decks, resides in a normal sized, slightly tattered, unassuming box.

But today is its chance to shine!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I asked the cards to give us all romantic advice: What should we look for in our romantic lives? Continue reading “Love is Hard: Really Bad Tarot February 9 2019”