Look Deeper: Really Bad Tarot January 20 2019

Last week I attended Lexington’s monthly Mystical Fair for the first time in what seemed like ages. While I was there I booked two upcoming episodes of my new web series Body & Spirit and purchased yet another deck of Tarot cards…because that’s what I do.My new deck is the LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot. I like that it is not your typical deck and relies very little on the standard imagery associated with the tarot. The artwork is simple and whimsical, and since my life is a bit of a circus anyhow it seemed like a great fit.

I opened the box, shuffled the deck, and drew a card because that is how we professional tarot card readers do it. Screw all that superstition about touching all of the cards and embedding them with the reader’s energy. Who has time for all that ceremony?

Today’s card is The Knight of Swords.

My reading took me away from the foreground imagery of the guy getting ready to lob a knife at something stage left. Instead my attention was immediately drawn to the shadow. As a side note I certainly hope that all of the cards do not feature spotlights and shadows or my reading are going to become quite homogeneous quite fast.

To me the shadow refers to what is going on behind the scenes in our lives.

We spend most of our time concentrating on what is right before us: the task at hand, the headline of the article, or what seems obvious at first glance.

We need to spend a little time looking a little deeper. There is always more to the story and there are always things going on below the surface that we either ignore or take for granted. It is easy to make mistakes when we don’t have the entire story.

So this week I am telling everyone to put their “gut reaction” to what they see and hear on hold. Let’s all take a moment to look behind what seems obvious.