John & Stacey Edwards Weirdness in Review SF 2021 E40

We ring in the New Year as Wes welcomes John and Stacey Edwards for their annual review of all of the oddities and unusual events the world enjoyed in 2021.  We’d be hard pressed to find a better way to kick off 2022.

John and Stacey share a collection of the best offbeat, and sometimes disturbing, stories such as the US government officially acknowledging the existence of UFOs, the discovery of a lost city in Egypt, and an exorcism in a Home Deposit. If you can’t get enough of John and Stacey, be sure to check out their podcast at

Also, don’t miss a big guest announcement or Joe Lewis’ review of the SAW spinoff movie, SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW, to learn a little about “smell the fart” acting.