Halloween Origins with Stephanie Bingham SF13 E49

We all love it but do we know why we celebrate it? This week Wes welcomes Stephanie Bingham, historian and psychic medium, back to the show to discuss the origins and evolution of that spooky, fantastic holiday called Halloween.

Wes and Stephanie delve into the ancient traditions behind apple bobbing, jack o lanterns, soulcakes and more as they cover the various aspects of Halloween that have woven together from multiple countries of origin and old traditions over the centuries. Plus, if you don’t know what “belsnickeling” is, you’re sure to find out!

In our recurring segments, Joe Lewis goes PG/PG-13, the Week in Horror spotlights puppets and pumpkins, Dick Pinkerton returns with chilling True Crime, and news anchor Cliff Stone brings a new segment to the show.