Claire Heaney SF12 E36

This week Wes and co-host Jason Boyd speak with Claire Heaney about her Scarefest XII seminar topic, the Twilight Zone. The classic 1959-1964 anthology television series, created by Rod Serling, has spawned various revivals and spiritual successors over the years.

Claire’s focus is the societal impact that the Twilight Zone has had on modern technology. Wes, Jason, and Claire explore the show’s fascination with robots, how today’s society has become so technology reliant, virtual dating, and the surprising number of movies and shows that have mimicked the Twilight Zone over the years. Plus we get loads of commentary on favorite episodes of the show.

For an additional mindfreak, Wes suggests watching The History of Time Travel, currently streaming on Amazon Prime. For additional reading, Claire has recommended the book “The Twilight Zone and Philosophy”.