Bishop James Long SF12 E37

A current trend in the paranormal seems to be an increase in demonic activity. Where do you turn when you need to learn more about the “D” word? You turn to clergyman and validly trained exorcist Bishop James Long, who has been involved in 28 documented cases of possession.

Tonight, Wes hosts Bishop Long in a long awaited talk on demonology and so much more. He and Wes discuss the serious nature of pursuing demonic cases and the dire consequences involved, his calling to the clothing at an early age, his terrifying experiences at Bobby Mackey’s along with an array of other theological and philosophical tangents. You don’t want to miss this.

James does a tremendous amount of ministry work with the homeless and impoverished single mothers. He funds this ministry through teaching paranormal courses. Interested parties can learn more at . Direct donations to this ministry can also me made on his homepage at

We also see Wes get his childhood deeply traumatized by the upcoming Banana Splits movie, which re-imagines the early 70’s psychedelic TV show as a horror movie. GROOVY!